Friday of Hell Week

I’ve made it to Friday, so far without killing someone or at the very least, screaming at them. However someone called in sick today and someone else is running late. If you’re doing the math, that means that every day I’ve worked so far this week people have called in. I have to work tomorrow too, and if someone calls in on a Saturday that is REALLY bad. So let’s hope that the trend breaks.

Yesterday was really busy for my day off. I started the day off with an HVAC quote that never actually finished. Dude got there at 8:30 and I finally had to kick him out at 10:28 to get to the vet by 10:30 (luckily my vet is just a minute away from my house). He measured everything. Every window, every door, the entire perimeter of the house, everything. For whatever reason though, he couldn’t seem to get the square footage correct. Our house was appraised a few years ago when we purchased it and it was at 2140 square feet. This guy kept coming up with 1796 and was adamant that that was correct. In my head I’m going “Okay, I’m not going to argue with you, but that’s wrong. Good thing you’re not our appraiser.” Anyway, when I left he said he would call me to “finish this up.” Yay.

Then I went to the vet and they ran bloodwork on Bonnie again. The vet said “This will take five minutes to run-I’ll be right back.”

Forty minutes later….

He comes in and tells me that her CBC is still showing signs of an infection somewhere, but now we’re stumped. She did a whole round of antibiotics and seems perfectly fine. So now he’s put her on a more broad spectrum antibiotic and she has to get rechecked in two weeks. I can’t tell you how much I love paying for blood work every two weeks. It’s AWESOME. And he was so busy we didn’t even talk about her diet, because I had to get out of there. I’d been there for an hour and was supposed to be meeting Chief at the base to go by the daycare and check it out.

So I hurried Bonnie home and then rushed to Chief’s office on base. We went to the daycare and it was just fine. The workers seemed really engaged with the babies, and they have a great ratio-4:1 (four babies to one worker). Our state requirement is no more than 6:1, so that was a selling point. They also showed us these little carts that they strap the babies into for outdoor time, which was precious.

But then the girl said that even though we were on the list, and had put ourselves on the list as soon as we were able (they don’t allow you to do so before you hit the third tri, and require a doctors note), there was a pretty good shot that we wouldn’t have a spot when we needed it, which is late September to early October, ASSUMING she comes when she’s supposed to. Cue hyperventilation. We had counted on this daycare. I’ve already had the right amount of money withheld from my paychecks to pay for this years tuition. We were told that Chief would get priority because he works on base. She said we had been misinformed-only Dual DOD households get priority OR single parent DOD households. I’m a civilian, so we get no priority. Then she said they had 20 newborn spots on base, all full right now, and there were 16 people with babies ALREADY BORN on the list, and then five in front of us on the list of babies who haven’t been born yet.

Cue SERIOUS hyperventilating.

So I panic a little bit in the car, and Chief says “it’ll work out-it always does” and I said “IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT BECAUSE I MAKE IT WORK OUT. WHY DON’T YOU MAKE SOMETHING WORK OUT FOR ONCE.”

Ahem. Not my finest moment-but sort of the truth to be honest.

Anyway, we have this daycare in our neighborhood that I had thought about. it’s two streets away-we could walk there. And I thought “What do we have to lose by looking at this point?” So we drove straight there and the director came and let us in and instantly showed us the baby room, answered all our questions and then took us to her office to talk about next steps. They’re part of our state’s optional daycare program that gives certain daycares a certification for being above and beyond. It’s a three star program and they have all three stars, so that’s great. They’re also on the list of trusted providers that the base uses when they’re trying to find a spot for someone when they’re full. Also good. They do a 6:1 ratio, so that’s a bit of a bummer compared to the base, but I’ve been assured that MOST daycares do the 6:1 ratio-this isn’t abnormal apparently. And she said that late September, early October shouldn’t be a problem this far out.

Also? They’re $17 a week less than the base. And did I mention two streets away? So we’re on the list at both places, but now I’m sort of leaning towards neighborhood daycare.

Then we drove to the doctor (correction: then we stopped at Sonic and I got a Cherry Limeade, because all the panicking had made me thirsty). And everything was fine there, so that’s good. We didn’t see him long. It was just a weight and BP check (both fine), then a belly measure (which I guess was fine, I forgot to ask), then he listened to her heart, which sounded nice and strong. Then he said he’d see me in two weeks, and two weeks after that we’d have an ultrasound to check her position. I haven’t seen her since 19 weeks, so I’m anxious to make sure she still just has the two arms and legs.

Then we went back to the base to get my car, and I went back home to wait for another HVAC person to show up and do a quote while Chief went to school.

The last quote was a doozy. it’s the highest one, but it’s the one we’re going with for a few reasons:

1. This guy was the ONLY ONE who looked in our air return and at our duct work. No one else bothered to look.

2. Also the only one who looked at our electrical box running to the unit.

So here’s the deal: We definitely need a new unit-we already knew that. And we knew we needed some duct work work, but the first guy had said we just needed all new duct work without even looking at it, and gave us that horrendous $11,000 quote. This guy said we absolutely do not need new ductwork, BUT, it needs to be repaired. Some rooms aren’t even hooked up anymore and that’s a problem. This includes our master bedroom-which explains why it gets so hot. We’ve also had rodents in our ductwork, so it needs to be cleaned, but they can’t do that until after it’s repaired. But the good news is that it’s hardpipe ductwork (like sheet metal). He said if it was flex ductwork he would say that yes, it does need to be replaced.

The electrical box needs to be replaced too, because it has been ON FIRE at some point. Yes, on fire. When my in laws lived there they had a hot tub hooked up to the house and he said that that definitely overloaded the circuits-this house has as much as it can take on it. Luckily we got rid of that hot tub a long time ago, but he said it would be against code to work on the unit with the box the way it is. So they’ll have to pull a permit for it. They’ll also have to add new insulation to the ductwork where it’s damaged, and clean out the air return. There’s insulation and rat droppings in there AND WE’VE BEEN BREATHING THAT IN. I went into momma panic mode and was like “Uh uh-no way can my baby breathe that in. No. Way.”

He was very sweet and also understanding of the fact that I am not made of money, especially right now. So our quote came to $6900 and includes the following:

  • New unit with install and one year service agreement. 20 year warranty, one year warranty on labor
  • Repair of ductwork up to $500. He said it could come out to less, but they will not charge us MORE than $500.
  • Cleaning of ductwork-$500. This usually costs $800, so that’s a nice discount.

The things he’s doing that he’s not charging us for

  • Pulling the permit and fixing the electrical box
  • New thermostat
  • New Air return grate (some idiot put ours in upside down-this truly is the house of horrors)
  • New insulation and transition
  • New pad for the unit
  • And there were a few other things, but I can’t remember them now.

$6900 is a clean $1900 more than I wanted to spend, especially considering that at the end of the day it’s going to come out to about $2500 out of the savings account since we have to pay some loan origination fees and what not, BUT it has to happen. My baby can’t breathe in that crap, and there’s no point in putting a new unit in if our ductwork is on the ground under our house.

So I’m about to get real gauche and go over money with y’all, because it helps me:

We have $6000 in savings right now. That was the amount I wanted for my maternity leave, even knowing that it’s too much because I’ll have some pay from work before my PTO runs out, plus PTO donations. I just wanted to be prepared.

Chief gets double pay at the end of this month for this complicated military thing that happens once a year where he works active duty days but gets to take vacation days all at the same time. It’s weird, but I don’t care. That’s an extra $1500 in the bank.

We also have one more month of GI Bill payments coming our way before the school year ends-that’s $600

So that’s $2100 going BACK into the savings account, which eases the pain of taking $2500 out a little.

THEN in August Chief get’s his bonus, which last year was around $1000, so that’ll help on the tail end of my maternity leave.

So while the giantness of the numbers really freaks me out, I think we’re going to be okay.


But after all the drama of this week, mainly today, I am just tired. Someone else called in today like I mentioned, and I’m just feeling worn out about my work place and by life this week. I get that way sometimes and it always goes away, so hopefully by Monday I’ll have remembered how to like all these people. And Chief swears up and down that the house will be cleaner than a really clean thing when I get home tomorrow night, which would be so lovely to come home to. So I just have another 15.5 hours of work to get through until I can get some real rest. That’s what Sunday is folks-the day of rest.

Let’s all just make it to Sunday. Like I said in the last post-this is all temporary. It will be a distant memory soon. It’s just one crappy week.


7 thoughts on “Friday of Hell Week

  1. “I am wadless” – perfect! At least the a/c quote came in much lower than $11k and they’re helping you guys out with doing some of the work for free/discount. It seems that when it rains, it pours, especially when it comes to things requiring wads of money. I hope next week sees you in a better place of less stress! 🙂

    • ME. TOO. Although I have a dentist appointment to get some fillings done, so that should be fun…I guess the good thing about the crown is that fillings seem like not such a big deal anymore!

    • I know-I was thinking the same thing! I have a friend who worked for DHS and I’m going to see if she knows anything about them, but all the babies looked happy and she said they get checked every hour and they send home a sheet with all sorts of details about their day-a librarians dream!

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