Making Good Choices….

Not something I’ve necessarily been doing, food wise.


For instance, last night I just wanted a breakfast burrito from Sonic. I was utterly and completely fixated on it. So I had one. And lately I’ve been craving a hotdog real, REAL bad, but I settled for bratwurst (cooked to an appropriate temperature, of course) today at lunch. Delicious. With fries.

And a coke.

NOT GOOD CHOICES Y’ALL. I’m going to be big as a house by the time this baby comes out. And I have newborn pictures scheduled, so I need to get this under control.

I’m hoping it’s just a passing phase and will be over soonish. Before I was just craving anything someone mentioned. Now I have real, all of a sudden SMACK you in the face cravings.

We’re supposed to have family dinner tonight but my gramma is under the weather, so Chief and I are on our own. I might see if he wants to take the dogs (and his pudgy wife) on a walk this afternoon when I get home before we eat dinner. That could help to alleviate some of my guilt. We’re going to try and fit in at least three walks a week anyway to help Bonnie dog lose some weight, so this can be our first one this week. And the weather is really, really great right now.

Today I’m 31 weeks. Only 9 to go. Single digits. SCARY.

And interestingly enough, for all my talk about daycare and ratios last week, our state just announced that they’re lowering the infant caregiver ratio from 6:1 to 5:1, starting this summer. This is great, but also makes me even more concerned about getting a spot. I asked Chief if he thought we should go on any more lists just to be sure and of course he said “I’ll leave that up to you.”


I don’t want to do a weekly pregnancy update this week because nothing is really different that I can tell. At my last appointment it said I was up six pounds in three weeks, but we all (nurse, me, OB) thought that seemed unreasonable (that was before my bratwurst and burrito attacks happened-if I’m up six pounds next week I’ll believe it) and probably had something to do with being after lunch/water retention, so hopefully that’ll level out soon. But if it WERE true it would mean I’m up something like 24 pounds for this pregnancy. Again, Hoping that’s closer to the 20 pound mark.

My only new symptom is that my hips are hurting at night now. Last night laying on my side I put the heating pad under me and it really helped. And mine has an automatic shut off function, so it was warm while I was falling asleep and then shut off an hour later (I think it’s an hour-It might only be thirty minutes) so I don’t have to worry about burning myself or the house down.

And I have braxton hicks all the time now, which is annoying, but whatever. Just a part of the deal and that’s fine. My pregnancy has been really fairly easy-I don’t have any right to complain about some shortness of breath and tightness of tummy. And she was moving like crazy last night. I set my phone on my stomach and we just watched it bounce up and down. Crazy, crazy stuff man.

Thank you all for your comments on my NIAW post. I am a lucky lady to have the support in real life and in blog life that I do.I can’t believe that after 3.5 years of waiting, I’m only nine weeks (assuming she does what she’s supposed to do!) away from meeting my daughter. It really is mind blowing and hard to grasp at times.


17 thoughts on “Making Good Choices….

  1. I just ate most of a bag of gummy lifesavers in between Target and work on my lunch break, so I hear ya. I wish my mind would make the connection that eating crappy food makes me feel (more) crappy, but no such luck at the moment. Happy 31 weeks!

  2. It is SO hard to ignore those cravings! You will be ok, really.

    I think it’s a very good thing that the ratio in your state changed for child care. I’ve lived in two states while I’ve had babies in day care and both have 4:1 ratios for children under 24 months old. Actually, our current center, which is amazing, voluntarily staffs at 3:1 for infants under 1 year old. Yes, we pay for that, but the care is phenomenally better. I myself can’t imagine caring simultaneously for 3 infants, let alone 6, but the key is to find a good day care center with good people. The people matter most of all.

    Feeling the baby move is the BEST part of pregnancy, hands down! I absolutely love that!

      • Yes, I absolutely, totally get that! Between my two daughters, we are now on our 4th day care center. Man, that makes me sound like a day care whore. But when my oldest was born, we couldn’t get in to our first choice place, so we settled for somewhere else. Then an opening became available in our center of choice, so we switched. Then, a few months later, we ended up moving to a different state. So we had to find a center in an hurry and settled again. This one was ok so we stuck it out until the oldest started school (this year). We had to find different wrap around care for her because that center didn’t provide transportation to/from her elementary school. At the same time, we finally got pregnant with baby #2. So we were finally able to get in to the most highly sought after center in town, by first getting my now school age daughter enrolled. That made us automatically eligible to get the baby in when she was born. Phew! This place has high quality infant/toddler care, preschool, and wrap around care all in one. Score! It costs, though. But I think I can say this since I have a point of reference for comparison: child care is an area where you truly get what you pay for. GOOD LUCK to you! Child care is a huge thing!!

      • OH gosh-it so is! That sounds like quite a run around you had there! I’m hoping that whoever we go with is the right choice from the start, but it’s hard to decide! And you don’t want to say that cost is an issue when it comes to your child, but unfortunately we’re not made of money.

      • So true that we are not made of money! Frankly, if things had gone as planned and we’d had our complete family years ago (it’s taken 8 years to get two kids), I don’t know how we would have paid for child care. The fact that infertility derailed us actually helps somewhat from a financial standpoint, because we are making more money now than we were when we started this journey. Plus, because it took years to have our second child, we have a bigger age gap than planned, which means we only have full time child care expenses for TWO children during the summer since the oldest is now in school (looking forward to that increased expense in a few weeks…ugh!). Silver linings, I guess. It is all SOOO expensive, though.

  3. OMG! 9 WEEKS! It seems not that long ago you were still trying! Yaaay! And when you discover the secret to making better choices, please share! I’m so not there yet.

  4. Oh my gosh, 9 weeks. That is amazing! How exciting. The journey is almost over and then the real adventure begins 🙂 It is a mindblowing concept. I am so happy that your journey has led you to such a brilliant outcome. 🙂

  5. Don’t worry too much.. I actually DID get house sized (gained SEVENTY FOUR POUNDS) I lost all but 20 of it within the first 6 weeks pp.. could probably lose the last 20 if I wasn’t eating dingdongs for lunch.

    Are you planning to breastfeed? I’ve found my hunger and cravings are worse now than they ever were while pregnant!!

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