The Big News

Today the Captain broke the news. My news. My big work news.

I’ve talked about it some here, but just so everyone is on the same page I’ll do it again.

I’m no longer going to be working full time. May 30th will be my last day as assistant manager of my department, and my last day of 40 hour work weeks. I’m going to be working 25 hours a week at the library and 10 hours a week at the law library (about half of which I do from home, so we’ll say a solid 30 hours a week away from home).

I’m glad it’s out now. I was ready for people to know. I’ve almost let it slip more than once. There is sort of a weird in between period now of me being assistant manager and the girl in our department who’ll be taking over basically hovering in our current roles.

I told the employees who were there at staff meeting that it had been a hard decision, but also the right one. That I had mostly enjoyed the job (there’s no need to lie and pretend like it’s all been sunshine and rainbows) and that a lot of emotion and thought had gone into the decision, but I was glad that I could still be a part of our department.

All 100% true. And in my new role I’ll be working more with babies through preschool aged kiddos and much less with teens, and I think I’ll really like that.

In other news, my baby shower is this weekend and I have a cold.

That’s all, just a cold. Saturday night my throat really hurt and when I woke up on Sunday I was a full scale sniffleufagus. Tree pollen in our area was off the charts high that day, so I assumed that was what was bothering me. My throat was also AWFUL by the time I got up. So painful. I ate cream of wheat for breakfast (which helped some) and was a lump most of the day. I even got desperate enough that I used my neti pot for the first time, which was scary but helped for a few hours.

However, in true Sunday night form, I couldn’t sleep. This time because my throat hurt so bad that swallowing woke me up constantly. And what’s a 32 week (tomorrow) pregnant girl to do? I wanted to drink something cold to ease the pain, but then I’d have to pee. And I already had to pee FIVE TIMES last night. FIVE TIMES. So I just dealt with it. And, shocker, it’s Monday and I’m tired.

The reason I know it’s a cold is that I’m now coughing, and I’m coughing grossness up. My snot turned from clear to yellow between today and yesterday. So yeah, my immune system is definitely working on something. And I’m trying to help it! I’ve been drinking peppermint tea while at work and I had a fruit smoothie this morning with NO dairy. I substituted cranberry juice as my liquid (I usually use milk) and cranberry juice has vitamin C in it.

I don’t feel awful. Just icky. It hurts to cough, but so far only in my throat-not the chest. I’m hoping with good self care I can nip it in the bud soon because….


I finally decided what dress I was going to wear. I haven’t worn heels in months, but I thought for one party where I’ll be sitting most of the time I could wear one of my pairs of cute spring wedges. Good thing I tried them on. Because THEY DON’T FIT ANYMORE. I knew this COULD happen, but I guess I didn’t realize it HAD happened because I’ve been wearing sandals every day to work. But no. Apparently my feet have spread.

I wanted to cry. I know there’s a good chance they won’t go back to normal after the baby comes which means most of my shoes won’t work anymore. Such a bummer. I know they’re not swollen because I can just tell. They look normal, but my shoes don’t fit. Anyway, I got a new pair yesterday for the shower-A FULL SIZE BIGGER. I was just floored. I couldn’t believe they could get THAT much bigger. Nutso.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things it could definitely be worse.

Tomorrow I have to do a training day at a different library, but it’s the one that’s five minutes from my house. It’s the little things, but I am ridiculously stoked about an extra hour of sleep (no thirty minute commute, and I start a half hour later than I would here at my “home” branch for this) AND not having to sit in traffic. And it’s going to rain tomorrow, so go ahead and make that a 45 minute commute. Just FYI-when it’s not rush hour it only takes me 15 minutes to get to work. But people FO’REALS don’t know how to drive where I live.

Pray for better sleep for me tonight. My kingdom for a non-sore throat.


10 thoughts on “The Big News

  1. I can’t believe you’re at 32 weeks! Gah! So amazing! Home stretch! Mostly I wanted to comment for all the comments I’ve made in my head when reading your previous posts but not been able to type out one-handed while nursing. ❤

    • Me. Too! The throat feels better as long as I’m drinking something piping hot or really cold, hence the smoothies and tea. I’m hoping that all that fruit and peppermint will give my system the boost it needs!

  2. People think it’s crazy but your feet do grow, mine did. No worries, because mine went back to normal size (that was many years ago but I remember that). Enjoy your shower. 🙂

  3. Glad that you’ll be having more time to yourself and it sounds like a more relaxed job for you. Your commute stories sound like mine…I’m wondering if we live in the same area?!?! Or maybe just somewhat near cities, where people just never seem to know how to drive, period! Hope you’re feeling tons better by this weekend!

  4. I’m glad to hear that your news is out at work and hope it’s a relatively easy transition. I also hope you feel better soon! I hear you on the feet thing. I tried on some flats that I’ve worn before to wear with a skirt for my shower and they didn’t fit either. So is life. ❤

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