Quick! Type fast!

I am beyond busy at work for the next few weeks so I’m typing this really fast in the last few minutes of my hastily eaten lunch.

1. I am STILL. SICK. Better, but still sick. The hacking up grossness continues, but tissue usage has significantly slowed. I used three boxes in three days and Chief had to get me more. He got me special edition Betsy Johnson Kleenex. Because, yeah, they make those now. I NEED to be better by Friday because I have storytime and currently sound like a man (not that men can’t do storytime, but I sound like a really sick man who has smoked for forty years). I also NEED to be better by Sunday for the shower. Please oh please, gods of my immune system. Heal me!

2. OB appointment tomorrow. Just another quick one. We’re still two weeks out from our ultrasound to see her size and position and what not.

3. Tons of people who have told me they’re coming to the baby shower have not told the hostess. And it’s not like they were RSVPing to me, they were just casually saying things like “I’m so excited for your shower!” or “When I see you at the shower…” So now I feel nervous for my hostess. She said she had just assumed she should prepare for everyone even knowing that not everyone would make it. MY OWN FAMILY hasn’t RSVP’ed, except for my retired librarian aunt. She knows the fine art of the RSVP, that’s for sure.

4. We got HELOC approval, finally. Now we’re doing all the long paperwork crap that has to be done before the title and appraisal crap. At this point they’ll be installing the damn AC Unit as I’m crowning, but I don’t care. As long as I have AC by the time I’m home from the hospital.

5. I broke all the rules and ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today BECAUSE I WANTED TO. I mean, for goodness sake, there was listeria IN MY ICE CREAM. ICE CREAM. Sit back and think about that-pregnant women are sort of notorious for eating ice cream. And now two brands (one of which I had in my freezer and had eaten some of!) have recalled their entire product lines, but I’ve been depriving myself of turkey. NO MORE. Or at least, not today, because I’m feeling belligerent and in a mood of rebelliousness.

6. I drank what I would estimate fairly is 100 ounces of decaf peppermint tea on Monday before someone in my FB pregnancy group told me that it decreases milk supply. CURSE. WORDS. So I switched to green tea with lemon yesterday, which I’m sure has caffeine in it, but it was the only other tea I had in the house and while Chief did get me the snazzy Kleenex, he forgot to grab the decaf chamomile I asked for. But yeah, I’ve had SO  MUCH TEA these last two days. And I’ve been taking two showers a day, but one of them is at night and involves me just sitting in hot steam to clear myself out before getting into bed. Then I slather myself in vicks vaporub and desperately try to breathe

7. We found out today that Chief can only take four weeks of manternity leave (see what I did there?) because his work requires him to save 80 hours of sick leave and not exhaust it all. This is smart, but it’s a bummer. We were saving the vacation and just using all the sick, because he has less vacation (one week) accrued and a lot more sick. So now he’s going to use his vacay, and by the time I go on maternity leave (assuming she comes when she’s supposed to) he’ll be able to take 4 weeks between the two pools. He could legally take much more of course, but ONE of us has to be getting paid.

I think that’s all I got, and it’s all I’ve got time for even if it’s not!


7 thoughts on “Quick! Type fast!

  1. Aghhh I didn’t know that about peppermint tea! I thought you couldn’t get any healthier than that stuff!! And it’s interesting about turkey, in UK I think turkey deli meat is OK if its pre-packed or frozen before hand. It’s weird!!!
    Sorry that manternity leave won’t work out as planned 😦 but I like manternity, it’s added in my predictive text now 😉

  2. Chief taking 4 weeks is awesome. My husband took two weeks, and then did a week of part-time from home and it was a HUGE help having someone here in the very beginning. And why don’t people RSVP to things any more! As a former event planner, and just a lady with manners I guess, it drives me crazy.

  3. Chamomile on its own should not have caffeine as it is a herb. It is when it is blended with other ingredients that you have to worry. My husband drinks chamomile all the time to help ease anxiety and we only get 100% chamomile with no added ingredients.

  4. Our RE told us that the occasional lunch meat was A-okay because of US processing. Only to be careful of lunch meat in certain places overseas or from the local gas station. And I feel like lots of stuff messes with milk production but honestly as long as you have plenty of stimulation when she arrives, you’ll be just fine too! I hope you feel better and I can’t wait to see pics of the shower!!!

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still sick. 😦 Yay for the approval for the house stuff! I want to rebel and eat whatever I want, so I am jealous of you. 😛 People weren’t good at RSVPing for my shower either. I hope you feel better and have a nice time! Thinking of you!

  6. Ugh, sorry you are still sick! I hope that you start to feel better soon. Could you put out a message saying to not forget to RSVP to the hostess for your babyshower? I ended up personally messaging just about everyone and asking if they were coming because noone RSVP’d. It seems like a lot of people don’t feel the need to do so anymore.

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