Another quick one!

32w2d OB appointment today:

1. Everything is so normal it’s just boring. I like it.

2. Dr. T said if she were to come in three weeks he wouldn’t stop her. WHOA.

3. He gave me a shot of betamethasone (steroid!) to help me get over this cold so PLEASE work steroid. I also ate a spicy chicken sandwich afterwards that has me feeling perkier for sure.

4. In two weeks (less than actually, Tuesday May 12th) we get to take a gander at our girl for the first time since 19 weeks and I’m DYING of anticipation. It’s like waiting for the 6 week ultrasound all over again!

5. We went over what situations he would do a c-section in:

  • Positioning problems (basically, if she’s breech)
  • Baby too big/momma too small
  • Serious health issue (particularly cardiac) for either momma or baby

I have no problems with any of this. I’m not at all crunchy-I just want her out and for both of us to live through it and be okay. If she’s breech, she’s breech. I just want my girl. My mom was shocked-I was coming down “sunny side up” and her OB reached INSIDE and flipped me. When I told Dr. T that he said “No, sorry-but I don’t do that.” And I said “THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR.”

6. Oh-funny one I almost forgot. I wore a dress today (which I normally don’t do for OB appointments and I just wasn’t thinking this morning) so when he came in with the doppler he said “Oh let me get you a drape so we can preserve your modesty” and I said “Dr. T, three years of infertility treatments means I have no modesty left. Plus in a few months you’re going to see seven sides of me to Sunday.” And he said “Ok, but it’ll preserve MY modesty.”

Silly Dr. T.


9 thoughts on “Another quick one!

  1. I totally hear that you aren’t crunchy and wanted to say there is no way to know how big a baby is and incredibly rare for a mama to be too small to birth a baby. Speaking from personal experience, a c section is a very unpleasant way to give birth. Just something to think about. So glad it’s all boring and good!

    • He said he wouldn’t know until we were already in labor if I wasn’t big enough or what not-and I should have said that he did say he didn’t think that was a concern. I’m the one who brought up the c section stuff-he’s definitely not pushing for one. I just wanted to know what I should be prepared for. I have a friend who did a vaginally birth and a c section and she said neither was easier for her. Her vaginal was awful even with epidural and led to damage and the c obviously had a hard recovery. Everyone is different though, so I guess we’ll see!

  2. Yay for normal and boring! My appointment was the same today. Except my doctor was EXCITED that it was so normal and boring, which at least provided some entertainment. 🙂 I really hope that steroid has you feeling better in time for your shower! It’s funny–I had almost the identical scenario with the dress and the modesty drape today. I laughed when she handed it to me and she looked so surprised!

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