Note the worried face

what is this swelling around my mouth? Is this an allergic reaction? I had grapefruit sorbet which I’ve never had before (and I don’t eat grapefruit) and then came home and noticed this. I took a benadryl, but I’m a little worried.



15 thoughts on “Note the worried face

    • Whew-that’s crazy! I’m glad my throat isn’t closing or anything. How funny-I’ve never had a food allergy. It’ll be interesting to see if it sticks around after pregnancy….

      • Indeed. Who would’ve thought it could be grapefruit? If you noticed, it also talked about a reaction from being on certain meds. Who knows. Take good care of yourself!

      • Now I did know that-because my FIL drinks grapefruit juice and vodka every day all day and is on heart meds, and we’re always warning him about the possible problems. It can cause the med to build up to toxic levels in your body. But I’m not on anything other Than Claritin and prenatals. And I skipped the Claritin tonight to take the benadryl, so I don’t think that’s it for me.

  1. If you are still breathing this much later then I think you are ok 😉 When I first started introducing foods to my son eggplant always made him red on the face where the food touched on the way in. Needless to say we just stopped having eggplant but it is interesting to get such a quick visual response. You could always test it by getting an actual grapefruit and rubbing it (cut side) onto the inside of your arm. You’d soon know for sure!

    • I can’t tell you the last time I had a real grapefruit because I don’t really like it. The sorbet was good though-im disappointed I can’t eat it anymore! And I do feel fortunate I didn’t start having anaphylaxis-although at least if I had we were close to a hospital at the time!

    • Yes-did that (my mom suggested it). Still swollen, but the redness has gone down, so that’s something. The sleepies are starting to take me (take me away benadryl! Take me away!)

  2. I’m super jealous of the sorbet cause it sounds so yummy. I am not, however, jealous of the reaction to the sorbet!

    Hope other citrus fruits don’t end up causing a similar reaction :-/

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. It looks like an allergic reaction for sure. My nephew has a ton of food allergies, and if he manages to get something he shouldn’t, this is what happens. He gets blotchy rash things on his face sometimes too because of it. Hope the Benedryl helped!! No more grapefruit!!

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