Of Course She Did

OF COURSE the Duchess named her baby Charlotte. OF COURSE SHE DID. So now my Charlotte will be one of many in her classes, the name will be so trendy. Not to mention EVERYONE will ask me at the hospital if I’m naming her after the princess.


I know it’s dumb. I’m getting over it. But since she came out and they said Charlotte was a front runner, I’ve been on pins and needles just praying they pick something else. I’ve had this name picked for five months. We’ve been calling her Charlie ever since her gender ultrasound. People have asked me if I’ll change it now, and no, I won’t. Although we have considered calling her Rosalie, but that just FEELS wrong. She’s my Charlie girl. The end.

I mean, Kate gets to live in a palace and not worry about student loans or day care. You think the least she could have done is left me my baby name.

Also, she wore almost my exact wedding dress. I’m not kidding you here-I had a wedding dress pattern purchased back in 2008 and we’d bought fabric for it that looked almost identical to the one she ended up wearing. It was a vintage pattern. Then that engagement got called off and when I got engaged to Chief my mom didn’t have time to make it (we got married in three months). Plus, by that time Kate had worn hers, so I ended up going with something somewhat different, although I did wear lace sleeves.

My point is this-I think maybe the Duchess is stalking me. Or she’s my doppelganger, but in much, much smaller clothes.

Anyway, moving on.

Yesterday was my baby shower!

We had such a good time. So many people came which was wonderful and awesome. Charlie got tons of clothes and towels and burp cloths and books and….well, baby things. My aunts bought us our swing and my gramma got us our crib mattress. We got our baby monitor which is really awesome-it’s a video one but it also has two way audio and speakers, so we can talk to her from another room. We tested it on the cats last night and it worked like a charm!

People were great about buying a variety of sizes in the clothes too, so we didn’t get just a ton of newborn stuff or a ton of 12 month stuff. And it was so great having so many other librarians there-lots of great books! The Captain got me a Sandra Boynton set, and if you don’t know who Sandra Boynton is and you have kids/are about to have kids, you need to find out. She’s wonderful! My mom bought me a copy of Charlotte’s Web AND our Ergobaby Carrier.

I was looking last night at things we still need to get (and we’re still receiving gifts, so I’m not rushing out or anything) and the list of essentials is this:

  1. Bathtub
  2. Bottles
  3. Travel System (ordering this weekend using BB&B giftcards and a BB&B online 20% off coupon, it’s a $350 set and we should end up getting it for $190 after all of that)
  4. Changing pad and cover
  5. Nasal Aspirator
  6. Nail Clippers
  7. Hamper
  8. Trash Can
  9. MORE burp cloths (because I got a bunch, but they say it’s really never enough)
  10. Extra Diaper Genie refills
  11. Baby Powder (we got shampoo and lotion and diaper cream)
  12. Thermometer

I’m sure I’ll think of some others that we haven’t gotten yet, but I really did get a fantastic assortment of things to start Charlie out with. There are some things she’ll need later, like a high chair, that we didn’t receive, but I’m not worried about that stuff just yet. And luckily we have a few gift cards, so that’ll help us offset some costs. I’ll probably do my big “stocking up” on last minute stuff trip in early June.

Some of my favorite things were the ones that were hand made of course. The Captain’s mom crocheted us a baby blanket that matches her room PERFECTLY. I mean, it’s really a perfect shade of yellow. So gorgeous and soft. I was touched she spent all that time on it. And it’s just the right size for a tiny baby to snuggle in momma’s arms. It’ll be a keepsake forever for sure. And one of my storytime momma’s made me a really large nursing cover which is sooo nice for a breasty gal like me AND these really cute stuffed elephants that also compliment the room so nicely. Right now I have them sitting on her bookshelf with her great haul of books!

So it was a wonderful day, and I was worn out by the end of it. The Captain made some really great games (nothing too hokey, you know, like where you smell various things that have been melted into a diaper. No offense if anyone did that…it’s just not for me). Chief sorted and put everything away (except clothes-those are still being washed!) and I just got to sit and watch, which was really nice. I was so tired that I feel asleep at 9:00 and he actually tucked me in. I woke up right as he was kissing me goodnight. That man just makes my heart thump y’all.

In less fun news, the AC unit is really dying. Not completely dead, but the expression “last limb” seems too generous. I feel like it’s balancing on it’s pinky toe right now. It runs all day and night and can’t get the house below 75, and it keeps tripping the breaker because it’s having to pull so much power to work.

So this was a problem for us, especially me. 75 to me right now feels like 85. I usually run cold, but not with the baby belly. I am hot all the time at home. So I was talking to my mom and she fronted us half the money. We have the other half in savings, and we just bit the bullet and decided to get it done. The loan should be finalized in a few weeks and then everyone can get paid back (well, my mom, and the savings account will get some back, but definitely not all….), but between now and then I’ll have air conditioning, and since it’s well into the 80’s everyday here now that is a necessity for this preggo.

They’re coming tomorrow, and by the end of the day I should be breathing fresh, clean, and COLD air. The Captain also let me switch my day off so we could get it done earlier, because she’s aces like that.

Also, small bonus, we’ll now get to include the new AC unit and duct repair in the appraisal of the house-whenever that happens. Silver lining?

I think that’s it for now.


44 thoughts on “Of Course She Did

  1. Fingers crossed no one calls Charlie “princess”…. It’s the first thing I thought of (Charlotte is one of the top names for us, for like 100 years now).

      • When I sadly told my husband about this, and asked if we should reconsider the name, his response was “who even cares about the royals? just old people.” Lol

        I was mad at her when she got pregnant so fast… I got married before they did and all of a sudden they were surpassing me at everything!

        Show offs.

      • I know. I KNOW. Then she got pregnant a second time like it’s nothing! They technically got married before us (just a few months) so I don’t hold that first child against her.

        But this one, oh this one I do. And your husband is nuts-people are crazy about the royals!

      • My husband is crazy! Canadians adore the royals! I mean, I don’t keep up with much of their business, but our families LOVE them.

        Your Charlie is going to be one of a kind. Her nickname alone is unique 🙂 I’m thinking most people shorten Charlotte to Lottie, anyway.

        Seriously though, as if this is what you need to be thinking about this far along, right?!

      • Haha so true! And it’s petty to even worry about it really. Once the fervor dies down it’ll be fine. Everyone all day has been “Did you see what they named her-that’s your name!” and posting stuff to my wall and I just want to say “I KNOW OHMAHGAH STOP TALKING ABOUT IT”

        It’ll all be fine. It won’t even matter in a few years. Heck a few months! seven weeks from tomorrow *cue nervous librarian hiding under her desk and rocking back and forth like a crazy person*

      • Seven weeks!! I’m sure you’re nervous, but you got this. You were meant to be a mama, you’re gonna be awesome and will raise a lovely little human 🙂

      • Oh thank you. I really am starting to get very nervous. Like-I’m about to have a tiny human, who is going to cry all the time. and at the same time as figuring out all her needs I have to figure out breastfeeding too? And how to manage my household? and…you know…eat? It’s a little overwhelming when it really smacks you in the face!

  2. I really hope you’re not going to hate me for this, but I need to come clean. After our NT scan, we decided to name baby girl after my grandmother–Charlotte. I hope you can forgive me. In my defense, it IS a family name. That said, I was driving to work this morning when they announced the royal baby’s name. First I cried and then I was totally outraged. I called Catch and there were expletives involved. Stupid royals just HAVE to ruin a perfectly good name. SO MAD. The last time Kate had a baby, I was mad because she could get pregnant so easily and I couldn’t. The girl just can’t get it right. (OK, actually she can get EVERYTHING RIGHT and that’s the real problem. Grrr.) There will be no mention of this on my blog, so this whole name thing can be between the two of us and anyone else in the whole wide world who happens to read your comments.

    • OH my gosh-I don’t mind that at all! I don’t mean that even a little bit against you. I KNOW there will be other babies named Charlotte. I’m only upset about it being the princess’ name because I feel like it will make it crazy trendy and popular. I’m really NOT possessive of my baby names at all, I just was trying to pick something that wouldn’t have Charlie being the same name as a million other little girls. Oh please don’t thinK I would EVER be mad at you!

      • I honestly didn’t really think you would! I just wanted to be sensitive. I’m with you–It’s not like I don’t know there are going to be other babies named Charlotte. It’s just why does it have to be a FAMOUS baby?! Although as I told Catch a little while ago–there are a MILLION dogs named Molly. I guess there are worse things to share your name with than a princess.

  3. I thought of you immediately when I heard the name! I’m so sorry! It’s totally a whole new ball of wax when a celebrity goes and names their baby something! Gah!
    Also just wanted to suggest getting cheap cloth diapers or cutting up cheap flannel receiving blankets for burp cloths. Not as cute but SO effective!

      • That’s exactly what we did! We use them as cloth wipes too, with a wipes warmer filed with water and essential oil.

      • We are super loaded up on wipes right now luckily. And we have a years worth of diapers (allegedly, although I know there will be some size exchanges and what not down the road). Target does a sale nearly constantly that is “buy two cases of diapers and get a $10 gift card OR a free case of wipes” just depending on the week, so we’ve taken advantage of that for sure.

      • Great plan! Honestly those flannel receiving blankets are the best for the inevitable little messes that come up!

      • We got A BUNCH of those yesterday, so that’s great! I wish we we had gotten just a few more muslin swaddlers. I have six total now, and then two others swaddlers that have snaps, so eight swaddlers total. I just feel like I’ll never have too many of those kinds of things-you know? But the muslin ones are pricey.

      • The other thing I’m recommending to everyone is the woombie swaddle. It’s zip up and stretchy and works SO well fir Ansel! It’s expensive but has been worth every penny for us!!

  4. LOL! I also thought of you immediately when I heard the name of the new princess!

    Also, I’m sure you are getting tons of unsolicited advice on stuff, but I would make one recommendation: get a few of those covers for the changing pad. You will be amazed how often you change them. I recommend at least three. Babies are messy, messy, messy. 🙂

    You know, I never used a nasal aspirator for either of my girls (so far). You could wait until you need one. The bulb syringes they give you at the hospital are great. And, since I know you are super frugal like me, I will also say I became disenchanted with the Diaper Genie system in a hurry. Had one for my first baby and you go through a TON of those refills and they are sooo expensive! And, I personally didn’t think it contained the stench very well, which is why I wanted the thing in the first place.

    Ok, that was more than one suggestion, I guess! Sorry! Take it or leave it! 🙂

    • No that’s great! Thank you! The cover I have on my wishlist actually comes with two, but if I can swing it in the budget (this AC unit has me MONDO FREAKED OUT) I’ll get two sets!

      • I say take the money you would have spent on the aspirator and get the changing pad covers instead. You can always buy an aspirator down the road when/if you need it. (this is coming from a mom whose 5 month old recently had about 4 weeks of DAILY diaper blowouts- blech.) Plus both my girls liked to pee all over themselves when getting their diaper changed. Good times.

      • With my older daughter we replaced the Diaper Genie with a Diaper Champ a few months in, which uses regular garbage bags. My husband hated that thing, though. And I mean hated. I admit the smell got bad, but I do think if we had changed the bag out more frequently instead of waiting until it got full, it would have helped. But he wouldn’t even consider using it for our second baby! We never really did figure out a better solution for her yet, so for the last five months believe it or not we’ve just been using plastic grocery bags. The good thing is they are small (and free!) so they don’t have much of a chance to get stinky before it’s time to get a new one anyway. Plus, with the rash of blowouts, things get really messy, so when we have one of those I just pile the whole lot of mess into one of those bags, tie it off, and take it out. With pets you have to keep the bag where they can’t get it. We have a dog who likes to eat human excrement (yeah, he’s a real piece of work) so we keep it up where he can’t reach it. I don’t have cats, though, so I don’t know if it would be a problem with them.

      • This is one of the purchases I REALLY agonized over. I read all sorts of reviews-some people SWEAR by the genie. Like, swear by it. Some people say the Diaper Dekor is way, way better and some people say it’s the worst. But my friend says they couldn’t live without their genie, so I’m going to try it. If it gets too expensive/smelly, we’ll go the grocery bag route. I’m going to try and not let it get too full-I hear the people who have the most problems are ones who perhaps don’t empty it enough? Who knows-I guess we’ll find out. we also got the special filter thingies that are supposed to help with the smell.

      • I know, we were super excited about the Diaper Genie initially. Hope I didn’t rain on your parade! And maybe they’ve improved it since then, too. Obviously, we never really did find a good solution to the diaper disposal dilemma ourselves, hence the grocery bags! Frankly, I’m surprised that is still working for us. I’m sure at some point we’ll have to figure something else out.

  5. My daughter LOVES every single one of the Boyton books- they are fun to read too!

    I bet that Kate isn’t going to use Charlie as a nickname for their daughter so she will be unique in that way. 🙂

  6. Lol, chalk it up to having impeccable taste! I LOVE the name Charlotte, but my hubby didn’t like it one bit so we didn’t seriously consider it. I’m sure I’d feel the same is someone uber famous, particularly ROYALTY stole my baby name. 😉

  7. I thought of you immediately when I heard the name. :/ I’m glad you had such a nice shower! 🙂

  8. Charlotte was already the no 1 girls name (or if not top 3) here in AUS this past year or so so it will make no difference here, just keep it in the slot for longer I suppose. I’m tipping they’ll call her something like Lottie to avoid confusion with the “Charlie” they already have so you will have that point of difference there, don’t worry. 😉 Great you enjoyed your shower.

  9. You know there’s always been a lot of talk UK-side that she actually struggled to get knocked up at first, producing an heir being her only real job and at over 30 that took her almost two years…My theory is that they started trying immediately with the second in case it took as long and just totally lucked out!?!
    So…maybe she totally copied you with IF too 😉
    Sorry she stole your name. SO ANNOYING.

  10. We named our puppy Frances about two weeks before the pope chose Francis as his name. We live near a catholic church and school so we got a lot of comments about naming her after the pope. Obviously, I am not comparing your baby girl to our dog 🙂 but it is kind of funny and kind of sucky when things like that happen.

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