The House of Horrors and Are We There Yet?

It’s been a while bloggy peeps (or at least, a while comparatively speaking). On Monday when we last spoke, I told you we were getting our AC unit installed on Tuesday.

We got that, and so much more than we bargained for to be honest.

Long story short, the guys show up at 8:00 am on the dot-which I love. I am quite timely myself and I like for others to be the same. They start work immediately. Around 8:30 am, the guy who sold us the deal shows up. He had told me he would just to make sure everything gets done right, so I appreciated this.

So I head out back with him where the guys have started dismantling the old unit. First problem, right out the bat-Our electrical to our house isn’t grounded. Now I’m no electrician, but I know grounding is important, so this scares me. Luckily it’s not a hard thing to do, but they need an electrician to do it for it to be “code”. I ask if that means that the job is off for the day and they say no-no big deal. They can keep going without it. Houses built in the sixties and seventies apparently weren’t grounded normally. It wasn’t required. However-the last people to install the last AC unit should have done it.

So that’s a bummer. This is already costing us a small fortune, and now we have to pay an electrician. Moving on.

I go back inside and watch some TV, staying close to the doors to the backyard in case they need me.

Then I hear them knocking for me again.


They had gone under the house to repair the duct work. I had been running the dishwasher. Apparently our drain pipe in the kitchen has a massive leak. It’s just spewing water under there and has rusted out a bunch of the duct work. They couldn’t get over there to work on it because of the water, plus there’s no point in fixing it until that pipe is fixed.

So now we have to get a quote from a plumber as well. And I want to bang my head into something and cry really hard.

But they did get all the other duct work rehung and repaired, so that’s good. And the stuff that’s rusted is at least still hanging, so it’s not an urgent repair need. Probably the best we could hope for honestly.

So they work all day long. ALL DAY LONG. Bless their hearts. I mean, they took a break to get lunch and go get some parts they needed, and I got to eat lunch with Chief at this neat soda fountain we have in town. AWESOME CHEESEBURGER. Anyway. Sometime around 6:00 as some of the guys are working inside cleaning out the ductwork, the crew foreman (who has been the bearer of bad news all day) comes inside, puts his head in his hand, and tells me that the unit they’ve spent all day installing is defective. The coil was smashed in shipping and is leaking freon, and they didn’t know it until they turned it on and discovered the problem.

I felt so. bad. for. him. I think he expected me to be really mad or something-but this isn’t their fault at all. He said he was incredibly embarrassed, and that this has never happened to him before. I said “You’re standing in the house of horrors, if it was going to happen anywhere, it’s here.” So he stayed another hour talking to his supervisor and figuring out a game plan. I told them we could just use the window unit another few days until they could get to it so they could all go home. He said “NO-you’re going to have AC tonight, no matter what.” So he determined that the leak is a slow enough one that he could fill the machine with freon and it would probably get us through a day or two. This morning as I was leaving the house they were pulling up with a brand new unit. Luckily all their work is outside today so they didn’t need me there. But I still felt bad for them. They were so nice to me and to my dogs and everyone.

Here are two problems I have with the job though:

1.) They didn’t replace the burned wiring that they were supposed to, so now the electrician needs to do it, but we paid for the AC company to do it.

2.) The deal was UP TO $500 in duct work repair. They told me they didn’t do that much, but they still charged me the $500 because they didn’t know what else to charge-the workers don’t set the prices.

So those are fairly minor things, and I think if I call the sales guy he’ll help me out on them. The plumber and electrician are both affiliated with this company, so it could be that he just gives me a credit towards their work, which I’ll gladly take. The house has been cooling nicely. I’m still pretty warm at night, but that’s because I’ve pulled out my trusty humidifier which is helping to keep my throat from hurting at night. I need to look into a cool mist one, because the steam one I have is keeping me pretty warm, and poor Chief is probably shivering on his side because I’m keeping the house at 71 degrees, if not lower.

Maybe stop reading here if you’re having a bad “in the trenches” day. I’ve been there, I get it. This is going to be obnoxious.

Other than getting my daughter at the end of this, there is nothing good about being pregnant right now.

The allergies plus what I’m guessing is an unpleasant case of pregnancy rhinitis have kept me down. And fatigue has come back with a vengeance that makes the first trimester look tame. I’m lucky in a lot of respects-I know. I don’t have acid reflux or digestive issues. No hemorrhoids since the first trimester. I had very manageable morning sickness.

But what I do have is pelvic pain when I roll over. Or if I’ve been moving around at work and then I sit for a while? Pelvic pain when I stand up and walk. And speaking of walking: I have a corn on the bottom of my foot. AN EFFING. CORN.

Chief is amazing though. Ah. Maz. Ing. Last night when I got home he had bought stuff for dinner, bought me flowers, cooked dinner AND cleaned up (fried pork chops, roasted brussel sprouts, and mac and cheese-eat your hearts out ladies). AND RUBBED MY FEET WITHOUT BEING ASKED.

While we were sitting on the couch last night, I said “we have seven weeks to go you know. SEVEN. WEEKS.” He said “that’s not that long, she’ll be here before you know it.” and I said “SEVEN WEEKS CHIEF. THAT’S AN ENTIRE SUMMER READING CLUB.” Which means nothing to him, but if you’re a librarian, Summer Reading Club is long. It feels long. And the idea that an entire one could pass before she gets here and I get unpregnant feels…well, long.

So I’m in an “Are We There Yet?” mood. I hoped you stopped reading if you aren’t the place for this, because I TOTALLY GET IT. I sound like an obnoxious, spoiled pregnant lady. And I’m fairly certain that at some point in the trenches I said I would NEVER complain about being pregnant but….that was naive librarian. Because even if your pregnancy is an “easy” one, it’s still hard.


29 thoughts on “The House of Horrors and Are We There Yet?

  1. Ugh, the never-ending AC saga would have me pulling my hair out!

    And you’re right – being pregnant is so hard. It’s worth it, of course, but it’s not easy! Even the second trimester (the “golden trimester”) is difficult. I wouldn’t give it up though 🙂

    I have the pelvic pain (“pain” seems like such a mild way to describe what I’m going through); I’m tired; nauseaus; etc, etc…. but I feel terrible that the one thing I’d give up is….. ACNE. I’d even keep the weird hair growth, but the acne kills me.

    I have a friend who told me that she would have to forget all of her pregnancy woes before doing it again (lucky fertile able to plan things like that).

    SEVEN WEEKS, babe! You got this 🙂 Just look forward to weekends… maybe it’ll make the weeks go by faster?

    • Haha that’s probably part of my problem today-I’m working this Saturday. I have this one and one more at the end of May before I’m DONE working Saturdays until after sweet Charlie is here. I was scheduled to work the Saturday before she’s due, but I asked the Captain if I could not roll myself to work that day and she agreed, because she’s a good friend.

      Honestly, if I can get to the end of May, then I’ll be done working full time, which means leaving work 4-5 hours earlier every day, which means NAPS. SO MANY NAPS. Three more weeks. THREE MORE WEEKS. That’s better than seven for sure.

      • I don’t know how you’re doing it. I’m off of work now and I’m tired! And I really don’t know how the US has parents coming back to work so quickly after baby is born! Some places have maternity leave for TWO YEARS! We have a full year, and that seemed like not enough time 😦

        Good for you… you already have a strength deeper than mine….. 😉

      • If I had any sort of choice in the matter, I’d be off now. Or at least part time now. But momma gots to get paid yo. And we only have so much savings for my maternity leave (which has taken a hit, thank you AC). I’m incredibly jealous of your maternity leave. It’s amazing. Does the time you’re taking now cut into your year after they’re born?

      • Ugh, I totally get it. Wouldn’t like it either! Your maternity leave is not paid in any way?

        It would have, but since my doctor wrote me off due to pelvic pain and cramping, I’m on 15 weeks of sick leave, followed by maternity/parental for a year. Honestly, we get blasted for being a socialist country, but it definitely has it’s perks!

      • Every workplace in the US is different-nothing is standardized (although some states have better regulations). The federal mandate is that all employees who have worked there for a certain amount of time get to take 12 weeks off, but it doesn’t have to be paid by the employer. The employer can opt to do that, but they don’t have to. And small businesses aren’t required to participate in this-just companies of a certain size.

        My work place allows us to use our PTO, so if I had 12 weeks saved up I could take it all paid. I only have 5 (and 5 at part time at that-I’ll have 125 hours by the time I start leave). After that, my workplace will ask other employees if they want to donate hours to me anonymously, so I could get more paid time.

        Chief is getting to take five full time weeks paid because he has so much sick leave. He could also take the full 12, but ONE of us has to get paid 🙂

      • Wow! I mean, it’s good that there’s time off available, although short in my opinion, but the lack of required pay is awful. We get 55% of our earnings for the full year.

        My husband is taking vacation time for a month, which will be nice – we couldn’t afford to not have his full pay!

        Wouldn’t that be sweet if your co-workers donated to you?!

      • I’ve already had a bunch say they will-I just have to let them know when it’s for me since it’s advertised anonymously. I still don’t want to count on that though, so I’ve been super stingy with our savings!

      • My Banana Bear is mad about your lack of options. She’s kicking my ribs in protest of the USA’s backwards ways when it comes to new mama’s! 😉

      • I actually feel really bad for Obama. He’s got some great plans, but they are halted so often it’s ridiculous. I don’t understand why!

      • 😦 Believe me, we have quite a few issues up here too. I would still tell you to come and live in Canada (we have a bunch of neighbours selling!), but you might be cold ALL.THE.TIME.

      • Haha only if there’s an American military base near you would that work out unfortunately. Trust me, I’d LOVE to live in Canada. And especially after this next election. The republican nominees are just frightening, and I don’t want to allow myself to believe that Hilary could actually win.

      • It’s pretty amazing. I want to go back so bad. Next year Chief might get to do training in Puerto Rico. Charlie will be a year old. I think that’s old enough to spend a week with gramma…..

      • Puerto Rico seems like a pretty good substitute…

        All I want to do is go camping this year and I can’t cause I’m huge and/or I’ll have two infants. I missed last year because I was either injecting myself with hormones or on progesterone suppositories.

      • LOL especially when they start screaming at 3AM, but you’re focused on whether that noise was a bear or raccoon!

  2. Yeah, as much as we all longed fir morning sickness and heartburn if it meant we were pregnant, it still sucks when it happens! Your house sounds like ours – we’ve never been able to do a project without 20,000 other things coming up and costing a fortune. Last summer our water heater blew at which point we discovered the well pump was leaking at which point we discovered an electrical issue. . . So I empathize and I’m sorry and I hope there is an end to the issue and the AC is working beautifully!

  3. Reading about your AC woes reminded me of watching Love it or List it. They ALWAYS run into hidden issues on that show. (some have to be manufactured or at least scripted to create drama) Anyway, major bummer but glad you are cool and comfy anyway. That’s so important in the third tri!

    Speaking of which, with both my girls the last few weeks just got more and more brutal. It was hard to explain why, I was jut uber uncomfortable ALL THE TIME. Especially with the second baby. So much worse. Text book wise, it was a smooth pregnancy, but it was rough. Granted, I’m also several years older than you, I think, and after this last pregnancy I’m convinced that made a huge difference for me. My body was like, wait, you’re doing this to me again? We’re too old for this!

    Unfortunately, the only way is to just grin and bear it. But i’m so glad you will be able to back off your work schedule. That will really, really help! Hang in there! You can do this!

  4. Ugh. I am so sorry about the AC issues. I’m glad they have the new unit in and working now. You’re almost there. 7 weeks, it’s long enough! You can do this!

  5. As someone with digestive issues and heartburn, I say complain all you want! Pregnancy problems aren’t fun! Sounds like the AC install was quite the adventure, but I’m glad to hear it all worked out. 🙂

  6. I’m sorry that you had so much drama with the A/C, but glad you have good people on it.

    Oh, do I hear you about pelvic pain! Ugh. I think it’s the worst thing so far. Hang in there! ❤

    I know 7 weeks feels like a lot right now, but sometimes it goes by quickly!

  7. Oh my gosh I am so happy that the AC saga is drawing to a close for you.
    I know how you feel about the pregnancy complaints, you desperately want to complain, but you don’t because you’re also so happy that you are pregnant. It’s kinda how I feel about the meds they have me on, they give me digestion issues, but if they didn’t it would mean they weren’t working and I have gone from an Insulin level of 57 to a level of 21 which is an amazing change. Still needs a lot of work, but a really great result. But the side effects apart from digestion inculde major sweating, majorly oily hair and REALLY crampy periods (I know TMI)… I know I shouldn’t complain, but geez I want to… like A LOT hahaha.

  8. Well…at least they got things MOSTLY fixed, right!?!? And if they can give you credit towards the other fixes, even better! I’m sorry you’re not feeling the best right now. I can relate about the 7 weeks thing…we have about 7 weeks until our house is done. Though I know realistically it will probably go so fast…it feels so far away! Hope you get through the next few weeks quickly!

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