I am pretty sure I am better today

You know what can really help a swollen, over-tired, stressed out pregnant lady?

Sleep. Sleep helps. Sleep helps A LOT.

Last night when I got home Chief was making grilled cheese and chicken and rice soup for dinner, which is one of my favorite comfort meals. I got to get right into bed with my feet propped up. He brought dinner and a big thing of water back to me, then we ate and settled in for a little tv and cat snuggling. At some point he started rubbing my back and I fell asleep hard-didn’t even brush my teeth (ew, I know, don’t worry-I brushed extra long this morning to try and make up for it). I didn’t wake up for a bathroom break until 1:40 and then another at 6:00 am.

I was TIRED y’all. Really effing tired. I know I’m supposed to get an energy burst somewhere towards the end, and I’m ready for it.

So anyway, my ankles are a normal size today and my head feels clear. Yesterday afternoon I was fuzzy at best alongside that awful headache. My mother said “You may have to start limiting yourself.” Me limiting myself was going part time at the beginning of June. I still have 13 full time days to go (not that I’m counting or anything). I guess if I had had a crystal ball I would have said that I needed to go part-time mid-May, but I have loose ends to tie up here. I’m not ready yet. And at the same time I’m very ready.

So anyway, I feel much better about my doctors appointments today. I’m not thrilled about the one with my GP to get my TDAP shot. I don’t mind getting the shot, but when I called to schedule it they put me down for a full exam since it had been a while. I said “I’m going to be 34 weeks pregnant that day-he’s NOT going to want to do a physical on me.” and she said it was “Clinic policy” to put you down for a full exam if you haven’t had one in over a year. Jesus H. Christ. Okay. So now I have to get there thirty minutes before my appointment time, when I am POSITIVE my doctor is going to walk in and go “Physical? No way-I’m not doing a physical on you today.”

And if that man wants to do a physical on me today, I’m finding a new doctor. Because he is insane.

But then we get to see Charlie for the first time since 19 weeks. It feels SO LONG ago. I know she’s going to look so, so different and I can’t wait. I am dying of anticipation! And also a little nervous something might be wrong just because we haven’t seen her in so long. But mostly just happy and excited to see my girl, and no longer afraid that my OB is going to send me straight to the hospital like I was yesterday.

34 weeks. Six weeks to go.


6 thoughts on “I am pretty sure I am better today

  1. I’m glad to hear you got some rest and are feeling better. I hope the appointments go well today and you don’t have to get a physical!

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