34 Week Appointment Updates

I know you’ll all be SHOCKED to read this, but I’m a bit of a worrier, so I was happy about yesterday’s outcome.

Everything went fine yesterday. BP was 120/80 on the dot at my PCP and 122/70 at my OBGYN. Swelling was completely gone all day-OB even squeezed my ankles just to be sure. Weight was fine (although I still think it’s too high), I got my TDAP (and man, that sucker HURTS today), but most importantly….


She is measuring perfectly. Everything was right where he wanted it. Heart rate of 146. Head measuring at 33w4d, belly at 33w5d, femur at 32w6d. I was worried about that one being too low, but he said the femurs almost always come up low and it’s nothing to be concerned about. He said the others were perfect because he would rather them be measuring a few days behind than right on or a few days ahead. She is head down and we got a beautiful look at her little face! She was sleeping and he couldn’t get her to wake up, although OF COURSE when we were driving away she started kicking like crazy and was a little jumping bean all evening long!

I felt so good last night I even made dinner, which is basically unheard of these days, and it was delicious. Bacon and brussel sprout angel hair pasta with fresh Parmesan and olive oil. So good.

So now I’m ready for these next six weeks to pass. Now that I’ve “seen” her face, I’m ready to hold her. Oh! And she has hair! He was able to see some on the front and the back, so I think she’s got some friar tuck action happening. Don’t care, just want to hold my baby.


11 thoughts on “34 Week Appointment Updates

  1. Yay! Glad everything was good with the BP and swelling and that you got to “see” Charlie again! It’s always so exciting 🙂 Isn’t it crazy that they can see their hair already?

  2. Yay friar tuck!!! How exciting for you. Your excitement is kinda contagious I have to say. 🙂 Such great news. I am glad everything is looking all fine and good with Charlie!
    That pasta sounds yum, share the recipe?

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