The beginning of the end?

So I’m 34w2d today. By all sound reasoning, I have six weeks left to go. I don’t think I’m having this baby anytime soon, BUT last night and all today I have had cramps on and off. Nothing severe. In fact, it feels like the kind I get a day or so before my period. And there’s been no pattern to them, no bloody show, no anything that would indicate I should be really worried.

But I think MAYBE my body is starting to get ready. These symptoms could be the beginning of the very long end. I’ve read this can go on for weeks and weeks, so again-not freaking out. But next week is my first pelvic exam since the pap he did at the beginning of the pregnancy, so I’m curious to know what he sees.

The real bummer of last night was the severe pelvic pain-very different from the cramps. This was the “you’re overdoing it and have GOT TO SLOW DOWN WOMAN” pelvic pain. It felt like muscle spasms all over my pelvis. Sitting up hurt, laying on my back hurt (which I know is a no-no anyway, but seriously, you do what you gotta do to relieve some pressure) and laying on my side only offered minimal relief. Don’t even ask about getting out of bed. That was AWFUL. Chief had to get my kick stool from the kitchen to help me get in and out so I didn’t have to stretch so much to do it.

I had a few whiney feeling sorry for myself moments where I just felt so bad about being that wife who can hold it together at work all day long but is completely spent by the end of the day. I feel awful that he never gets the best of me anymore-I HAVE to use the best of me at my job. I know he doesn’t mind. I kept apologizing to him last night for being so pathetic and he would always say something like “You’re not pathetic, you’re body is just going through a real ringer right now.”

But it’s okay. I’m certainly not the first OR the last woman to work full time at this point of her pregnancy. And I’m so lucky that that is coming to an end soon so I can get a little more rest and listen to my body a bit more. I just HATE pulling the pregnancy card at work, so I still do all the things I’ve always done. Yesterday I walked 5,800 steps just when I had my iPhone with me-I don’t always, so I know it was more than that. I know 10,000 steps is the goal for most folks, but I think 5,800 is pretty respectable for 34 weeks pregnant!

But I’m still chug-chug-chugging along over here. I have perfected the art of the hobble-waddle and people have started to comment on it, but that’s okay. I hobble-waddle like a goddess as far as I’m concerned.


6 thoughts on “The beginning of the end?

  1. I was still hanging drywall at 35w3d, the evening before my water broke! Listen to your body for sure. You’re definitely allowed to slow down and get all the rest you can manage. The cramps could just be braxton hicks, maybe?

  2. DRINK WATER> MORE WATER>> THEN MORE WATER YET. I know. pee all the time. but it helps dilute the hormonal go into labor things. Besides, it is warm and you are pregnant. And, slow down your pace at work because you do not Not NOT want early labor. I shall much more appreciate hearing you are overdue than in labor early.

  3. I have had cramps/pain too but I don’t think they are Braxton Hicks. Is that weird? At any rate, I’m glad Chief is being so kind and understanding. ❤

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