Maternity Photo Anxiety

So tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re having maternity photos.

It has rained consistently every day for what feels like many days now. We’re under all sorts of flash flood warnings. The river is crazy high and the ground is saturated. Tomorrow though, it’s supposed to be sunny and clear, so we’re going for photos after my doctors appointment and hoping to get that “golden hour” light down by the river.

I bought two dresses for the occasion, even though I’ll only wear one of them. both are blue. My goal was to find something with an elbow sleeve so I could hide my pudgy arms without having to wear a sweater, but alas, it was not to be. This is only the second time I’ve shopped for maternity clothes in person this entire pregnancy-I’m an online shopper. But since we decided on these kind of last minute I didn’t have time to order something without paying exorbitant shipping prices to MAYBE get it here in time.

So I went to Motherhood Maternity with Chief on Saturday and spent way too much money on two dresses, a camisole to go under one of them, and a light sweater for both of them. It’s 80+ degrees and HUMID as all get out here, but I have pudgy, pale arms. I can love myself, but I don’t have to love my arms, and I do NOT want them in our pictures. Anyway, this is Chief’s pick:

And I like it-I do. I worry it’s too busy for pictures and it was snug in the bust, so I’ll be a little uncomfortable wearing it. But I do like it because I think it’ll be okay post-pregnancy too (although not until the uptown girls have calmed down a little).

I felt like I looked better in this one:

And Chief said it was fine, but he had a much stronger reaction to the top one. And Chief NEVER has a strong reaction to anything, but as soon as I walked out in that first one he said “Oh-I like that one.” Which, again, doesn’t SEEM like a strong reaction, but for Chief it totes is. He might as well have said “Let’s throwdown and consummate it right now because that dress is awesome.”

But I’m just all anxious about looking bad. The whole reason I chose to do these pictures was to document this pregnancy, because there are NO pictures of Chief and I together since I’ve been pregnant except for when we were in Atlanta at 5 weeks pregnant-that doesn’t count. I just don’t want to end up hating them and having them be the only reminders of this pregnancy that I have, other than my daughter of course.

And I mean, she’s going to be a pretty great reminder. Oh, did I mention? 35 weeks tomorrow. 5 weeks to go, and I think tomorrow is my first cervix check. He said we’d be doing a pelvic exam, and I can’t imagine what else he’d be doing down there at this point. I both want and don’t want to be slightly dilated. Very mixed feelings on that.


28 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Anxiety

  1. I agree with Chief’s pick! I think the shape of the top will be more flattering than the one with buttons and collar. I don’t think it will be too busy at all… a good photographer can handle a print! Just make sure Chief doesn’t clash and you’ll be golden. That being said, it’s more important that you’re comfortable in whatever it is you’re wearing, because feeling good in your clothes will translate to better pictures. The camera knows these things. If that means the second dress, then by all means wear it! No matter which way you go, I am sure you’re going to look absolutely beautiful.

    • I feel pretty in both-I was just worried about how the second one would look really. Chief’s shirt is the same shade of navy blue with a very, very small white dot pattern on it (I’ll have to take a picture). They’re like pin dots. He actually doesn’t love it, but he looks SO HANDSOME in it. He just wishes it were short sleeved, and I get that. I told him we could get him something different but he never got around to looking.

      Thanks for the support friend πŸ™‚

  2. I’m having anxiety over my maternity pics too. I think it’s natural to panic a little, at I think so anyway. I would definitely try both dresses on again in the morning and go with what makes you feel the best! You’re going to look great and I hope you share!! πŸ™‚ Good luck at the doctor tomorrow! XO

      • This weekend (Sunday)! I’ll have to post pics of my outfits I picked (just 2). But I’m debating on making another trip to Old Navy for a more flowy dress.

      • Please post pictures-that’ll help me to see what you’re considering! And I have a few blue long flowy dresses that I could wear, because now I’m realizing THAT EVERYONE WEARS LONG DRESSES in maternity pics-I wonder why that is? Ugh. It’s such a hard decision.

      • I think it’s the “dreamy” look they’re going for. We are doing all our pictures outdoors – some urban feel, and some dreamy. Plus, dresses are so… breathable! LOL I feel like a hot sweaty mess 90% of the time now that the weather has changed! I’ll post some pics on my next update (Thursdays)!

  3. What is Chief wearing? If you’re outside, pattern won’t make it too busy. You could always ask the photographer thinks – they often have preferences anyway. Either way, I am sure you’re going to look awesome! Both dresses are very pretty. And who doesn’t like cleavage πŸ˜‰

  4. β€œLet’s throwdown and consummate it right now because that dress is awesome.”
    lmao I couldn’t stop laughing at this! Both dresses look good and if you don’t like a tiny flaw in the pics then thats what they make photoshop for πŸ™‚ no worries πŸ™‚

  5. Just as a word of warning, there will be no calming down for the girls after birth. If you are nursing, they are only going to get bigger. Mine were 3 sizes bigger than pre-pregnancy once my milk came in. for a small-chested girl like me, it was awesome, but I’ve heard it can be a huge pain for girls who are more well endowed.
    Also, you are going to look lovely. You are growing a life inside of your body and that is incredible!

    • Thank you! I knew they’d get bigger after birth. I think I should have said something like “a year after birth” lol.

      I’m already a G-so im really not looking forward to them getting any bigger!

  6. I like them both! The first one looks more fun and carefree, the second is more business. If hubby likes the first, you should go with that one! I think the pics will turn out beautiful either way!

  7. I think both are lovely, if I were wearing them I would go with Chief’s pick because I like the pattern and because the pattern lines go up and down which is slimming hahaha.
    Do you maybe have a light shawl or something that you could put over your arms instead if it is too hot?
    Also, is there any reason why you cannot wear both? Just change halfway through so you get to wear both outfits?

    • I thought about a shawl, but I don’t have one. And I’m going to bring the second dress just in case, but I don’t know that there will be anywhere for me to change-and no one needs to see all this naked right now lol!

      • Hahaha more like nobody apart from your man DESERVES to see you naked πŸ™‚
        Take one of those beach tents or something along πŸ™‚
        How about a sarong? That would work as a shawl πŸ™‚

  8. Ooh! I like them both, but think I do like the first one better. I think either of them will look lovely in photos and I hope you feel good about them!

    I understand your mixed feelings on whether or not you’re dilated. I hope your appointment goes well.

  9. The location of your shoot sounds lovely! Hope you have a fabulous day and enjoy it. You need to be comfortable in what ever you wear so it’s all natural smiles in your pics! You will have lots of fun, I’m sure πŸ™‚
    Ps. I’m just like you and don’t like spaghetti strap dresses, but it’s because I have teeny boobs and like to wear a nice big padded bra!!

  10. Photographs always look better with solid colours. Chief may like you best in the first dress but in the pictures the navy dress would be more appropriate. Chief should also where solid colours for the photos. If you are not sure then you should look at what photographers recommend for photos. Busy patterns take away from what is actually important in the pictures and that is the two of you looking at each other and marvelling in your pregancy.

  11. I’m in the minority that likes the 2nd dress better. Pair it with a white cardigan.

    Hope your photos come out lovely.

    • I think I’m going with the solid one. I actually put the other one on this morning and the bra I had to wear with it gave me almost a panic attack because I couldn’t. breathe. It was awful. So I settled on wearing the solid one to work and decided if I changed my mind I could just change, but everyone has really liked it on. I just hope my hair holds up until 5:00 when we shoot!

  12. Probably too late to put my two cents in, but as a portrait photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn pics, I always tell clients to go with solids whenever possible! They always photograph better. That said, if it’s just you and the hubby in the pics, a pattern will look lovely too. I bet you will end up absolutely LOVING at least a small collage’s worth of pics, body consciousness or no. Photographers who are really good at maternity pictures have a way of posing you and cropping and everything that makes for gorgeous pics. One of my clients commented on her album review “I felt like a fat blob the entire time we were shooting and was sure I would hate the pics, especially the ones of my bare belly — but somehow Anamarie made me look gorgeous in all of them! Unbelievable!” I shoot full-nude maternity all the time and women are always skeptical until they see the results. I’m SURE you will be absolutely stunning.

    • I went with the solid! I was going to wear the print but in the three days since I had bought it my breasts had gotten even bigger, and I just couldn’t breathe with it on. I didn’t want my discomfort to come across in pictures (any more than normal-I don’t love having my picture taken).

      I did feel like a fat blob. She would show me some as we went along and some I liked and some I didn’t, which is typical of me at any state, so I feel like there will be at least a few I’m down with that we can frame and save to remember this πŸ™‚

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