Charlie’s Room













42 thoughts on “Charlie’s Room

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful!! I’m completely in love with your furniture, too!! Is that one of the cribs that turns into a bed and such as they grow? I just love everything…what a lucky little lady to come home to this room!

  2. Her room looks amazing! I love the colour scheme, it’s actually almost identical to what I have always wanted when our bubs comes along 🙂
    I adore the crib. Does the bottom raise up at all? Does it turn into a toddler/day bed later? It is gorgeous!

    • Yes, the bottom can come up. I told Chief he would probably have to raise it for me at some point because I’m so short! And it does turn into a toddler bed and then later a full size bed, though we haven’t bought those rails yet. Thank you!

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