The ninth month

I have entered the ninth month. 36 weeks y’all. And….I’d be okay if she wanted to go ahead and come on out.

Chief has been stellar though. I’ve been hurting quite a bit in the pelvic/groin region for the last week or so, and he’s so helpful to me. Watching me roll over in bed is downright comical I’m sure, except that it’s usually accompanied by groans of pain. Today I’m probably leaving work early because I’m so dang nauseated. I’ve gagged a few times, but not vomited. I think she’s probably just in a rough position right now, and I can’t blame her, she’s something like six pounds by now. She doesn’t have any room left!

I’m regularly waffling between being so damn excited I can hardly stand it, and being so damn scared I wonder if it’s too late to turn back (for the record, it is-I’m mostly kidding about this, but the panic is real folks). I wake up for a bathroom break between 3:00 am and 4:00 am and typically have a hard time getting back to sleep, because my brain goes into overdrive. Saturday morning I actually woke Chief up because I was so anxious and I started to cry. He’s such a comfort to me, really. That day at lunch we both agreed that I probably have some anxiety problems that have been worsened by pregnancy and that I probably need to deal with sooner rather than later.

After today, I’m down to my last three full time days at work. Monday I start my part time. Although Monday will still be a full day for me. I’m going to work seven hours at the law firm and five at the library. I’m training my temporary replacement at the law firm on Monday, which is why I’m giving myself such a long day. It’ll be worth it, because she’s going to start helping out right away, meaning I can cut back in these last few weeks at both jobs.

This is so rambly. I don’t have just a whole lot to say other than…it’s really getting real. I work this Saturday, then Chief works the next weekend and a little bit the weekend after that, then the next weekend we’ll be days away from the due date. I think we’ve officially had our last lazy weekend together, and I’m glad I didn’t realize that until this morning or I might have been melancholy over it all weekend long. We had a good time these past few days, working together to get her nursery done, laying in bed being lazy, going to a bbq. Everything is about to change in amazing ways, and I’m so grateful. But I don’t want to forget this time with my husband, just me and him.

So that’s it for now. I’m really in countdown mode. 28 days until I start planning her eviction.


5 thoughts on “The ninth month

  1. Wow! It is crazy that you’re finally in the home stretch – it feels like just yesterday you were telling us all about your BFP! It only gets more exciting and more nerve-wracking from here! 😉

  2. Yes you do go between excited and scared. Don’t worry, soon you will be at “Get it the f*** out” stage and the fear will dissipate. As my mum said to me – just remember it is only temporary. And it really is. It is such a short space in your life for ouchy for infinite joy. 🙂

  3. It’s understandable to be both scared and excited. I’m so excited for you! I’m happy for you that you’re almost done with full time. I feel like you need a break! Good luck over the next couple weeks!

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