Packing the Bag

So, I’m 37+1, but that doesn’t mean I’ve packed my bag yet….because I haven’t.


I did get started last night. I filled up my travel toiletry set and put it in the bagpack. So that’s something. I’ll be able to shower there. Here’s my list of what I plan to bring. Tell me what should be added or subtracted:


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Two night gowns good for nursing

Maternity dress to wear home

Slippers (I have these really great croc slippers that are fleece lined. So they’re water resistant and warm)

Undies x 4 (overkill probably, but I like to be prepared)

Two nursing bras

Phone and charger

Camera and charger

Chief’s tablet for the netflix watching in the event we’re there longer than I want to be

Carseat (obviously. It’s installed in the car already so that’s at least good)

Her going home kimono onsie, shoes, socks, and hat. Maybe scratch mittens?

My Kindle and charger

Snacks for Chief

I seriously want to bring at least one of my cats too. I wish there were a birthing suite around here that I could do that. I know that sounds insane, but I love them so much! And they’re so comforting! And I’ll miss them so much!

So anyway, Chief is being QUITE demanding and saying that I have to pack the bag TODAY because I’m making him nervous. Blah, blah, blah. This baby is never coming out. She seems far too cozy in there. I’m not worried. But I guess I’ll pack it today because he’s being a nervous nelly. Every twinge puts him into high alert. My pelvis basically always hurts now, and if I give an “oof” or anything he’s on me like white on rice. It’s very sweet, but I keep telling him not to get his hopes up. I think the real contractions will elicit far more than an “oof” out of me.


30 thoughts on “Packing the Bag

  1. I packed a ton and ended up only using my toothbrush. The hospital had everything! Other people told me that was the case, but it’s good to be prepared just in case 🙂

  2. You’re in great shape with this list! I would add nail clippers/scissors for baby. Sometimes these kids come out with loooong nails already and at least in my experience, (two different hospitals in two different states for my girls) the nurses will NOT cut a baby’s nails because it’s considered a “procedure.” It’s crazy, but true at least some places. Otherwise, in my experience the hospital will provide diapers, clothes and swaddle blankets for baby until she’s ready to come home. They also provided all the maxi pads, too, (emphasis on the MAXI…those suckers are more like diapers!) but you can obviously bring your own, too, especially when it comes time to go home. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. I would bring your own burp cloths too. The hospital will only give you little tiny gauze pads, which are practically useless. Oh, and you might not need the underwear because the hospital should give you some mesh panties (they hold the pads in place), and they are SO comfortable. Good luck and I hope everything goes well!!

  4. I’d bring a couple of baby outfits (onesie or jammies) in different sizes (newborn and 0/3) because there is really no way to know how big baby will be!

  5. My nurses were great and had lots of anything we could need – they brought tons of diapers and encouraged us to take them home. We also made sure we had a few receiving blankets that we wrapped the twins in for the day, and then my mom brought to our home so the animals were introduced to the babies’ “scent” – I don’t know if that really helped, but our animals adjusted pretty quickly once we got home.

  6. I almost needed zero baby things because so much was provided. I did like using my own blankets with him though since we were having my mom bring them home to the dogs. Also some people bring an extension cord because of where plugs may be in the room (and not being able to reach your bed). I was obsessed with the mesh underwear and the pads they gave me and requested a ton extra so I didn’t need any underwear or pads till like a week after I got home. Seriously everything is going to get ruined so why not let it be disposable? Also, if you get to take a shower you may want to bring your own towel. I am so glad I brought mine because the place only had towels the size of hand towels to try off of! So exciting that you’re getting so close!

  7. having just gone through this, this is what i’d change on your list, though granted each hospital may be a bit different. if you have a friend who’s delivered there, ask them – i did that so knew what i wanted to bring or have ready at home:

    i didn’t bother with ruining my own clothes while in the hospital – hospital gowns worked great for nursing with snaps on their shoulders, and you definitely don’t want to ruin your own underwear – with blood or urine! one soft sleep nursing bra was plenty.

    slippers are great but be prepared to throw them out if “fluids” get on them. my incontinence was/is horrible afterwards and i was thankful i’d worn my flip flops to the hospital so i could still use them.

    scratch mittens or nail scissors/file if you’re brave enough – we only clipped her nails yesterday at day of life 5. mittens with velcro bands at the wrists OR better – newborn socks because heck if she chucked those mittens within 5 minutes of putting them on!

    hospital provided plenty of diapers, burp cloths (which we never needed since there’s no milk coming in that early), gauze to use as diaper wipes, kimono shirts, blankets, and a knit cap that fit way better than the newborn hat we had – she was swimming in her going home newborn-sized outfit, but ah well, just a short car ride and made for amusing pictures and video.

    hospital will likely also provide you with plenty of mesh underwear, gigantic pads, dermoplast, Tucks, peri bottle, ice packs for down there, sitz bath. i bought depends for home but have already sent hubby out once to get more and have another shipment coming in today. the incontinence is like nothing i’ve ever experienced before!!

  8. Maxi pads, those surfboard kind. You are gonna need a tonne of those. A nice top and fancy sweat pants. Trust me, you won’t want all your first photos in your nightie. I didn’t take make up but I can see why some people don’t mind a touch up. I looked terrible after a really long labour and then surgery. I really hate my hospital photos. I am going for a blow dry weekly at the end of my next pregnancy. I’m doing everything to be looking, if not my best then definitely not my worst! lol

  9. Can I suggest a sleeper or two? It really helped keep my little guy warmer during the hospital stay and meant I didn’t have to keep my room temp up. Also, when going home you can’t buckle in a swaddled baby, obviously. So it helped him stay warmer on the ride home, too.

    The one item I am so so glad I took was my pillow from home. It was the only non-plastic covered pillow I had at the hospital and it was so much more comfy. Those plastic pillows combined with crazy hormones resulted in waking up sweaty several times. I’m sure it would have been worse if I didn’t have a normal pillow for my head (I used plastic pillows to prop up my feet/legs).

  10. I would suggest leaving pads and diapers at home. The hospital provides you with just about everything. I lived in yoga pants at the hospital once I was finally allowed to get up and move around. Your list is pretty on target with what I took. I didn’t miss anything too much even being there 5 days. A cat would have been nice!

  11. Preparing for labor is weird. As soon as you hit 36 weeks, you have to be prepared. I remember freaking out because the baby could come ANY DAY. Then he didn’t come until 41 weeks so it was a long and grueling last month. So you have to mentally prepare for it to happen at any time, but also mentally prepare to wait forever. It’s rough.

  12. EEEK, packing a bag!? I wish I had advice, but I’m soaking in what you get suggested so that when I need to pack my bag in a few weeks, I’ll know what’s gonna be needed and what’s not! XO It’s getting close to GO time!!!! YAY

  13. We very hastily packed our bag on Tuesday when we thought my water broke. I would suggest adding some things in the bag for Chief such as clothes and whatnot (unless he has his own bag). For the baby I packed a few white onsies and going home outfits in both newborn and 0-3 month sizes just in case he is big. I also packed one pair of scratch mittens, a receiving blanket and a small pack with a diaper and wipes for going home. For my bag we have toiletries and chargers. I got 2 of the portable chargers too just incase something dies and we do not have access to an outlet. I have a robe, a pair of pj’s and a cheap pair of flip flops. I’m waiting on everything else to find out if I’m having a c’section or able to attempt vaginal delivery but plan to include a nursing bra, disposable nursing pads and a going home outfit. I’m planning on wearing the hospital gowns and using the mesh undies and pads so I don’t have to bring a bunch of stuff home.

  14. I know this is late but since we just went through this here are my tips:

    -Have Chief just pack a separate bag for his stuff, that way he is in charge of what he needs
    -Makeup essentials (I found that having a bit of foundation, blush and mascara helped with all the pictures that were taken, but I may just be vain)
    -Hand cream – the hospital soap is drying
    -Lots of mints to suck on during labor
    -Lip balm (my lips and hands were dry the whole time)
    -Two sizes of clothes for going home – she was smaller than we had expected (even knowing she was going to be small) so was glad to have two options
    -Receiving blanket
    -Extra socks for you
    -Flip flops for taking a shower – the first shower after birth is amazing
    -Baby wipes (they just had cloth ones at our hospital which didn’t do much for the meconium poops they have at first)
    -A robe (I wore hospital gowns the whole time and not the pjs I had brought as I didn’t want to ruin them)
    -A going home outfit, I had loose yoga pants, a nursing tank and a comfy wrap sweater
    -Ergo baby swaddler (didn’t have one with us but we sucked at swaddling and this was a godsend once we got home)
    -Miracle blanket – like the ergo baby but lighter fabric – same as above, didn’t have it but wished that we did

    Our hospital gave us diapers, tons of mesh panties, tucks pads and this amazing numbing stuff for the vag area (you will want a ton of this stuff or need to get it at the pharmacy, it’s basically rectal numbing cream – the whole vag area is a bit of a crime scene down there for a while and tucks and numbing cream are your friends).

    Hope this helps, can’t wait to see pics and here all about Charlie’s arrival!

    • I have almost all of these things packed, so that’s great! My going home outfit is going to be a dress because I don’t want ANYTHING between my legs that doesn’t have to be there after labor, if you know what I mean!

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