Just another manic Monday….

Several things. Bullet points kind of day:

  • I started having some back labor today. Not consistent or unbearable, but unfun. I’m at work though so they’re probably not going to amount to anything. I told Chief to stay at work and not come home earlier and then….
  • Our AFB went on lockdown for an active shooter, and he was stuck at work. Contractions were still not consistent but got stronger. This was….stressful. Luckily the lockdown has been lifted and they are still no more consistent than before (I don’t think). I haven’t actually timed them. Two people were injured but no one has died yet thank goodness. Hopefully everyone will make a recovery.
  • Dewey the cat has a UTI and they found crystals in his urine, so he needs an antibiotic shot AND a diet change. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that all my cats eat from an autofeeder, and they eat together, whenever they want. So now we’re going to have to do away with that, feed him separately, and feed them all at a specific time of day. Basically, my house is about to turn into Attica. AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME. I’m considering getting THREE of these stupid things and the necessary extra tags just to avoid the headache while we have a tiny baby in the house. It seems like a ridiculous expense, but I could get one just for Dewey and one for everyone else, and then they could still basically eat when they want until they’ve reached their daily limit. The things I do for my animals.

15 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday….

  1. Glad you got through this weekend and the AFB excitement is now contained.
    Back labor is not on my recommended list of ‘simple, fast and easy, healthy childbirth’.
    Hope everything calms down and stays quiet for another week. Gives baby a chance to change her presentation so less back labor occurs. When is your last day at work? Thinking of you daily and good wishes!

  2. What a scary day! I’m glad nobody was fatally hurt, and that you’re okay. I’m sorry about your cat! My cats are all meal fed, with 2 different foods: 1 cat is on a kidney diet, the rest are on a urinary diet (since 2 of them have urinary issues). It’s hard for them to adjust, but they do get it. They also learn when meal time is, and normally start begging for food about an hour beforehand lol! I hope he heals quickly and the food helps him out!

  3. I’m sorry that your day was not so great. ;( Just a brief note on cat food. We have special food because one of our cats gets crystals. All three eat the same food so we don’t have to deal with feeding him separately. The “special” food does cost more, but it solves that problem. Hugs!

  4. Ooooo sounds like that baby isn’t too far away!!! Bummer about the cat food. That sucks 😦 Could you put them all on the new diet or is that ridiculous?

  5. Oh my gosh thank god no one was hurt too badly, that is awful!
    Hmm the cat feeding is a quandry, I think the bowls you posted about could work, they are certainly worth a go. πŸ™‚

  6. Our male cat also gets crystals, and we just switched the food all together to save the headache of trying to feed him separately. Since they were used to “grazing,” trying to feed him the Rx cat food alone was not working at all, and of course he always wanted his sister’s food. The expense stinks, but being spared the headache is worth it.

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