Cluster feeding

all night long. With a blocked duct.

That shit will bring you to your knees. 

The good news is that lots of heat, massage, and nursing cleared the duct.

And dang it this kid is my heart.



36 thoughts on “Cluster feeding

      • Do you know about the Wonder Weeks app? It’s awesome (and free, I think?) and will tell you when to expect new developmental issues and how to deal with them. I LOVE it! Those growth spurts are brutal – eat some good snacks!

      • I have it! It says we’re still a few weeks from a developmental jump, especially since she came a few weeks early. I think this has been straight up growth spurt. I hope!

      • Yeah, they aren’t always the same but I love tracking on what kind of fun new things he’ll be able to do next!

  1. Woof plugged ducts are the worst! One of mine only came out in a hot shower using a manual pump for almost forty five minutes.

    She is darling. She should be your heart!:)

  2. ugh, so sorry! had a clogged duct a few weeks ago, and though it was painful, i pumped frequently to clear it. ice in between and heat just before really helped too. she is worth it, of course – so cute! 🙂

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL. And alert.
    Normal in sleeping and eating at this age.
    SO GLAD you were able to clear the duct! Proud of you for determination and doing what was needed.
    Super good parenting clearly is happening! (just as we all expected.)

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