Calling Hopeful Worrywart or AndiePants

My spectra is here many days early! The only thing missing is the instruction manual. Could one of you email me pictures of the most pertinent pages (you know, like how to operate it)? I’d greatly appreciate it! I know you both have lives and babies and things. Anyway, would be the place to send them.

And for the record, I tried to see if I could just email one or both of you but I don’t have your email addresses and couldn’t find them on your blogs, so I’m sending this out into the void. Thanks!


25 thoughts on “Calling Hopeful Worrywart or AndiePants

  1. This may be a really dumb question, but did you try to look up instructions online? I’ve found instruction manuals that way before. Usually the company website will have them there. It’s worth a try!

  2. I would highly recommend hacking the spectra to take the medela bottles and flanges. The spectra bottles suck, and you have more flexibility with the parts. Just look up spectra hack on YouTube!

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