Spectra vs Medela

The baby is asleep on Chief’s chest, so I have time for a quick post about the Spectra S1 vs. the Medela Pump in Style Advance.

In short: The Spectra kicks the Medela’s ass. Let me list the ways that it’s better:

1. So gentle. No pain at all. None.

2. I got way more milk out. I normally don’t pump in the afternoon because a) it’s not worth the small amount I usually get and b) I don’t want to drive my supply up any higher. Today I pumped after she ate from both breasts and got three ounces. Normally I would get 1-2. I can’t wait to see what I get in my morning pump where I usually get 3-4 ounces.

3. It’s so quiet. I don’t have to turn the TV up to hear it over the sound of the pump.

4. I loved that I wasn’t tied down by the cord because I had charged it last night. I just sat it up in bed with me.

5. It fits the AVENT bottles we already have perfectly. I ordered some compatible bottles on Amazon but I’m going to return them because we have a ton of these AVENT ones. I did order some $5.00 lids though because I just have nipples for these bottles.

6. I got it for $150 on eBay. Someone had only used it 4-5 times and then quit breastfeeding.

There are just a few cons:

1. I can’t get spectra stuff anywhere locally. Medela and Lasinoh has the market cornered in my area.

2. I didn’t realize I could only purchase one flange at a time. I bought what I thought was a set of 28 mm’s, but it was actually just one. Luckily I can use the freemie’s I have with it (I ordered the adaptor set) until the next 28 mm flange comes, but that’s sort of inconvenient. I guess it’s good for people who have different sized nipples….but are there a lot of people like that?

3. The tubes are this sort of gummy rubber material which makes me think that fuzz will stick to the outside of them really easily, and I have a lot of fuzz in my house. This won’t affect how it operates, but it’s just sort of weird.

This isn’t to say that the Medela is just awful….it’s served me fine this last month, but it’s not gentle and it’s loud as all get out. It is quite compact though and sort of self contained in this little velcro pouch, which is nice. I’ll have to get a bag for the Spectra, but that’s no big deal really. The Medela does have a major advantage in that everyone and their momma carries Medela parts, so if something goes wrong with my Spectra I’ll be in trouble until I can order a part.

In general though, the Spectra is my jam now. I love it so so much. If you haven’t bought a pump yet and you’re going to, I HIGHLY recommend this one.


26 thoughts on “Spectra vs Medela

  1. What is the flange part exactly, like a connector to the breast? All new to me but I’m curious ‘cuz I always thought the medela would be my pump of choice (yep, paused, read the last part of the sentence again, still funny).

    My house is furry too ๐Ÿ™€

  2. Medela has cornered the market *everywhere* but I think folks are catching on to what we now know – Spectra! Spectra! Spectra!

  3. I’m not familiar with the spectra, but I rented a hospital grade pump after Gus was born before my obamacare freebie was delivered and I ended up paying to keep it for two months. It’s amazing how different and effective a really good pump is!

  4. I started pumping with the Spectra S1 and initially, I was loving it! About 10 days in, my supply dropped and I was in tons of pain. I thought I had become hyper-sensitive to pumping. Switched back to Medela and everything went back to normal. No pain and supply went back up. After discussing it with an LC, we think the problem is the flange size. I use 27 for medela which is perfect. 28 was just too big. Sucks because I really liked the pump otherwise. Hope you continue to have a good experience with the spectra!

  5. I know you didn’t really want to spend the extra, but everything you wrote here, particularly the ‘no pain’ part and the fact it gets a lot more milk sound like the money was COMPLETELY worth it. I am so glad you don’t have pain anymore.

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