I’m an even bigger idiot than I previously realized

Oh bleeps. I hesitate to even share this nugget of stupidity with you. But I was wrong last night.

My flange size on the pump didn’t change.

Let’s step back a few days.

Sunday night I was beat. We had been working on Pawpaw funeral stuff all weekend. After I pumped I asked Chief if he wouldn’t mind washing my flanges. Sure he says. He doesn’t mind. He’s a good husband.

Then Monday morning my pump wouldn’t work. You guys know all this. Read last nights post if you need a catch up.

Fast forward to tonight. I’m pumping with my 24 mm flange and as I’m finishing up the right side I suddenly lose suction. I can’t figure out why until I look down and see that the valve has fallen off into the bottle. Ok. No biggie. I was 30 seconds away from being done anyway.

So then I go to fish it out and freeze my milk and I look over and see…two other valves. Sitting innocuously on the drying rack.

And it clicks.

I leave the milk out on the counter and run back and wake up Chief:


Chief: “snor-WHA?!”


Chief: “Uh..Maybe?!?”

Librarian: *maniacal laughter of the clinically insane person having a mental breakdown*

For the love of my leaky left breast. I didn’t put the stupid. effing. valves back on. THAT’S WHY MY PUMP STOPPED WORKING. THAT’S WHY I SPENT ALL THAT MONEY.

See, I never take them off. I just let the hot soapy water run through the whole flange-valve assembly. I don’t think I ever realized they were separate parts for goodness sakes.

*maniacal laughter* *twitches*


7 thoughts on “I’m an even bigger idiot than I previously realized

  1. OMG…that really sounds like something I would have done! Also sounds like something B would have done…when your hubby tries to help out and makes things worse lol!! At least now you know…sorry it was such a costly error though!

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