I’ve done it again

And by “it”, I mean I’ve gotten myself into a situation of having too many different things to talk about to make one coherent post.

Postpartum Life

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my body, and I believe in being frank and honest about pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and bodies. So something to celebrate:

I’m back at prepregnancy weight! Go weightwatchers! And if anything my supply has increased rather than taking the dive I was concerned it would take when I started losing. Probably it’s being helped by my much more nutritious diet. I’ve also started adding oats to my morning smoothie, and oats are a breastfeeding super food.

I’m still supplementing with fiber three times a day because after all the bowel problems I had after C was born I’m afraid to stop. Did you know they make fiber gummies now? I put benefiber in my smoothie and then have gummies with lunch and dinner. That on top of my increased fruit and veg intake is keeping things smooth sailing for me, thank goodness.

But while I’m back at prepregnancy weight and even fitting into some prepregnancy clothes, my body is incredibly different. My belly is much saggier, and obviously my breasts are too. I’ve got what my Jewish ex-coworker calls Hadassah arms, although as much as Charlie loves to “fly” I think I’m moving towards Michelle Obama arms real soon (please?).

My beautiful pregnancy curls are quickly leaving. i can’t tell if my hair is falling out or if it’s just returning to it’s normal, thinner, ugly curly-frizzy texture. Either way, bummer. I was hoping to hold on to that glorious pregnancy hair a wee bit longer. Once I’m a bit farther post partum I think I’m going to try a body perm. Big rollers-not tiny scary Shirley Temple ones.

Probably my biggest problem is my back. My upper back is a freaking mess. It hurts pretty constantly. I would imagine this pain is three fold in origin: 1) I carry a baby around all the time 2) I nurse a baby all the time 3) nursing the aformentioned baby comes with the giant bazoongas. I don’t really know what to do about it. Chief is currently in physical therapy for his back and there’s no way we can both be doing it at the same time. SOMEONE has got to watch this baby. I also don’t know that PT would even help honestly. I keep hoping that as I get stronger it’ll get better, but not so far. Somedays it seems to be getting worse.


Little C is doing great. I took her to the doctor last week because she had been spitting up really bad, and with her already being on the small side I didn’t want her to not gain weight properly. Of course, as soon as I made the appointment she stopped spitting badly, but I kept it anyway because I wanted to see her weight on the doctors scale. She had gained, though lost in percentile points, but surprisingly the doctor wasn’t worried. He said she had gained enough to convince him she’s getting enough calories and that some babies just stay on the small side, and that’s okay. He said a happy baby is way more important than a big baby.

And Charlie is super happy all the time. Her personality is really starting to shine and that personality is beautiful. I get smiles all day long unless she needs a nap. She giggles and has even straight up laughed a few times. She loves to bounce, she now will let me actually put her down to like, feed myself and stuff, and she’ll nap in her swing for up to two hours at a time.

My local news recently did an anticosleeping story and talked about how dangerous it is because of our modern soft mattresses and pillows and stuff. Every time I see something like that it freaks me out and makes me thing I should transition C out of our bed altogether. She sleeps in her bassinet until about 3:30 am-ish and then when she gets up to nurse I just let her stay in bed with me. I have a guard rail up on my side of the bed so she can’t fall out, and it’s a child one so it’s mesh. I NEVER let her up near my head, she’s always at my breast, and I don’t have any blankets on her. I feel like i’m as safe as can be, and there are so many studies that show how positive cosleeping is. Babies actually respond to the carbon dioxide we breathe out-we act like a breathing pacemaker for them during this crucial time of development. I try to surround myself with a lot of information and knowledge. And the fact of the matter is that C just sleeps better when she’s with me. Today after I was at the law firm I was straight up exhausted so I snuggled up with her and we both took a 3.5 hour nap. It was amazing. I feel SO much better. And I love waking up to see her sweet face nuzzled up to my chest.

C is so long she’s about to outgrow her bassinet, so this weekend we’re transitioning to the pack n play and I am hella nervous about it. Probably it’ll be no big deal and she’ll be just fine, but I’m predicting horrific, up all night crying style problems. Fingers crossed for me, k?


I’m enjoying being at the law firm again. The only problem is the aforementioned back problem. I have to sit and work with my arms pretty constantly at the law firm, as well as carry heavy books up and down stairs and stuff. Right now my workload there is pretty light so I haven’t had to be away from C for longer than four hours, but she’s doing so great at my cousin’s house! She takes a bottle from her really well and they seem to have a genuinely good time together. I’m so grateful that my cousin does this for me.

My at home work is okay too. It’s a bit mind numbing at times, and I couldn’t make myself do it any longer than the 3.5-4 hours a day that I’m doing it now, but it’s fine. And it helps me stay home with my girl, so I’m grateful to have it. I can’t really talk about it that much because I actually had to sign a non disclosure agreement. But again, overall it’s fine.


I started to type this out as part of this post, but it’s so long. SO LONG. So I’ll post two posts today.


25 thoughts on “I’ve done it again

  1. I had shoulder problems with my little one. I went to the chiropractor and that made it worse. I went to an orthopedist and they gave me a cortisone shot (I was/still am breast-feeding and it was approved safe). It made a huge difference and no pt, we couldn’t afford that either.
    Hopefully, you’ll have relief soon!

    • I think I’m going to talk to the doc about it when C has her four month shots in three weeks. It’s sooo convenient that we have the same doc! He gave Chief a cortisol shot for his back and it really helped! Thanks for the advice!

      • I have no idea what my blog looks like to follow. I started it on my phone and I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it! I need to write more but Peyton is 21 months and still nursing and only in the last few weeks sleeping through the night. It’s been exhausting!
        I enjoy reading yours though!

  2. Things sound like they’re going so well! There are always going to be studies as to why you shouldn’t do this or that or the other thing…in the end it’s what works best for you and your family. Period. How many hours are you at the law firm/week? Still just a few? I’m glad she’s doing well with your cousin! Sorry you’re still having family issues…I’ll be looking for that post as well! I’m still trying to catch up from the weekend though lol!

  3. Can I just say how great of a job you are doing!??,? My back pretty much hurts constantly too. I think it’s the angle that I breast feed in because I have to kind of lean forward and to the side. Every time I see a post about cosleeping I freak out a bit too. At the end of the day you know what is best for your little one and apparently everything is dangerous when raising a child.

      • I had back problems when my daughter was younger and nursing because I hunched over a lot while feeding her. It started in the beginning when it was difficult to get her to latch and stay awake and just continued. When you nurse try to remember to push your shoulders back and sit up straight- it makes a difference!

  4. That is so awesome you’re down to your pre pregnancy weight! Weight Watchers is amazing! I remember when I first started reading your blog, and I was so inspired by your weight loss journey. I finally joined Weight Watchers a year ago and I’m down 52lbs 😊 It’s seriously changed my life!

    I co slept with both of my two when they were babies. Now they both sleep in their big kid beds 😥 I miss those baby days so much! Snuggle Charlie as much as you possibly can while she’s still little!

    • 52 pounds?! You go girl! I loove WW. It stopped working for me when I was back on the fertility train, but that’s normal I figure. I love that they have a nursing option. You get so many points and still lose weight! Thanks for reading!

  5. Yes the body changes so much after pregnancy. I went back to my pre-preggo weight pretty quickly but all my favourite clothes looked weird because my body shape was so different. So weird to be the same weight but things just look wrong. It sounds like Charlie is a delightful little bubba and you are doing a fabulous job. xx

  6. I’d love to comment and much of what you wrote but I’m busy with the two kids! However, helpful suggestion for hair growth and minimizing falling after pregnancy: I started taking Biotin (after reading about how wonderful this post pregnancy) and it had really made a difference! My hair has not fallen as bad as t did after pregnancy #1, it has grown back faster and fuller. Def recommend!


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