I’m just going to say it, the 4MSR can go to hell.

I’m serious. I have had the easiest baby. I have. She’s a pretty good sleeper. She nurses well. She’s good natured. She’s freaking gorgeous (if I do say so myself).

But the 4MSR is bringing me to my knees y’all. Because do you know what happens during the 4MSR? Your baby LITERALLY FORGETS HOW TO SLEEP.

How do you forget that? How? Stupid brain. Stupid brain having to go and change shit on you!

Poor pumpkin. Two nights in a row she hasn’t slept past midnight in her bassinet (we usually get until 3:30 am ish) and then after getting into bed with me she’s up every two hours wanting and also not wanting to nurse. And by that I mean she’ll nurse, but she’s not happy about it and typically kicks me in the stomach the whole time.

So that’s fun.

Tonight she sobbed for over an hour straight as Chief and I took turns consoling her, getting her to sleep, only to lay her back down and have the eyes pop open and the shrieking begin again. She finally wore herself out enough to where she was hiccup crying (which breaks my heart) and I was able to get her to comfort nurse to where she knocked out almost instantly. She was so tired that she didn’t even wake when I swaddled her, and now she’s in her bassinet, GOD WILLING for at least a few hours.

So if some jerk tells you the 4MSR isn’t a big deal, don’t listen to them.

Actually, everyone told me it would suck, and I fully believed it wouldn’t be a big deal because my baby was easy!

So in other words, I was my own jerk this time. I am the worst.



  1. Yikes…with as many new mommies as I’ve known, I don’t remember anyone telling me about this. How long is it supposed to last for? I hope things settle back down soon, for everyone’s sake!

  2. We didn’t have a 4 month sleep regression, because Ansel had just maintained a waking every 2 hours pattern. Based on your review of the 4MSR, I’m going to stick with the devil I know and be grateful. Sorry you and Charlie are struggling! Sending sleepy thoughts

  3. You are so right about sleep regression sucking! I know I can’t possibly have the only child that won’t sleep (at night). Peyton is 21 months old and just starting to sleep mostly through the night. She woke up every 2-3 hours until she was about 15 months old. After that she slept until 3:30, nursed and then screamed bloody murder until I gave up and brought her to my bed. During sleep regression, she woke every 15-20 minutes unless she was in bed with me. And then it was every 30-45 minutes. I am still so exhausted!
    But somehow we survive and want to do it again!

  4. The 4MSR brought me to my kneeeeees. I was going to mention it but didn’t want you thinking I was a jerk when things were going so smoothly and sometimes babies do seem to skip right on by it for the most part. I’m sorry there was no skipping for you. Keep at it. It didn’t let up for us until I implemented a strict routine at 6mths. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but that’s what got us over the line. I never had a perfect sleeper but things were definitely much improved. Good luck and I hope it passes quickly xxxx

      • Yeah I had to introduce strict nap times the lot before it broke – we’d always done bedtime too. But like I say it could have been a coincidence that things improved at that stage. My friend has tried it with her bub and even been to sleep school and they are still struggling at 7 months! So who knows. Every bub is different!

  5. Eeks I thought C’s regression was bad – waking every 1-2 hours after 3am, but at least I can nurse her down. I need to try and give her the pacifier and self-soothe if possible tonight, but we’ll see how that goes. She’s never been a great napper no matter what we try also. We are ecstatic if she takes a 45 minute nap!

  6. Lol it’s totally a thing. We hired a sleep consultant around that age, and by 5 months we really got into routines for napping & sleeping. Once those schedules are established though, and you keep them up even after disruptions like travelling & sickness, it makes life so much easier and more predictable. Good luck!

  7. Oh I’m soo sorry. Our 4MSR has merged into the 6MSR…it’s hard. I’m tired as I’m sure you are too. I think it’s supposed to end…

    We have gotten a few normal nights but I have no idea what to expect from him at bedtime anymore.

  8. I have heard many tales of sleep regression woe. I think it hits mommas who have had pretty good sleepers really hard. But the good news is like all stages, it won’t last forever, and you’ll be able to get her back into a livable pattern in no time I’m sure!

  9. First I’ve heard of it! Man I soooo glad all you gals are experiencing and sharing this stuff. Now the trick will be remembering it!

    Hope that little sweetie starts remembering how to sleep again. She is too cute to miss her beauty rest 😉

  10. Yep. It was rough with my super easy baby. And I was in my last month of graduate school and thought I would die. It does get better though, I promise. Until the 9 month sleep regression. I’ve yet to see the light at the end of that one yet.
    You can do this. You can. You will be awesome and rock it. Actually, you already are 😉

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