Results and Remodels

Y’all, remember when I was pregnant and we had a conversation about diapers? If you don’t recall, we had a poll where I had people vote. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Pampers.

Before C came I bought a bunch of diapers in various brands, though mostly pampers with some huggies thrown in. I basically bought what I had a coupon for. I do have some up and up’s from Target that we won’t get to until she’s size three. What we’ve discovered works for us though is Pampers. We hate Huggies with a vengeance, because OMG the leaks. So many leaks. I also don’t like that they’re not as soft as Pampers. We have a sophisticated system: during the day C wears Pampers Swaddlers and at night she wears Baby Dry. We love the Baby Dry for night because they hold a lot without it getting uncomfortable for her, so we don’t have to wake her to change her. We’ve never had any diaper rash issues. If C sleeps longer than 12 hours and has a bowel movement we will occasionally have a leak in the morning, but it’s pretty rare.

The unfortunate of all unfortunates about this is that of course Pampers are the most expensive, but since I stocked up so much before we were born I’m still able to stay ahead of the game by getting coupons and buying when I have them and/or there is a sale. I love taking advantage of Target’s big sales of “buy this many boxes and get a gift card.” Who wouldn’t use a target gift card? I just use it on MORE diapers.

I was reminded of this as I was packing up the diapers that I’m sending to Que Milagro for her new arrival. I just had a few newborns left and I held them and remembered when C was so small and tiny and HATED having her diaper changed. Now it’s one of her favorite things. it’s amazing how much she has changed on me already. I love almost four month old C, but I’d like to go back and hold my fresh baby for a few minutes again.

I’m a little behind on blog reading right now because we are remodeling! Again!

We have carpet in our living room and hallway. I had it cleaned two weeks ago and within a day it was super gross again. And I just can’t deal. I just can’t. So we’re ripping it up, painting the walls, and putting down this. We’ve used this product in our bedrooms and LOVE it. It goes down so easy and is super durable.

But all of this means that we have to pack up our living room and move it all out to get this done. With an infant. Joy. So I will probably not be terribly available for a little bit. Not that you guys are saying “GOD librarian. Stop posting so much. Like, don’t you have anything else to do? You’re ALWAYS here.” But my point is I’ll probably be here a bit less than I have been. For a bit anyway.


10 thoughts on “Results and Remodels

  1. Flooring looks good! Pampers are what worked for our DD too. Hopefully they work just as well for DD #2 because we’ve been keeping all our extras from outgrown sizes. We’ll try cloth diapering again for at home during the day, but pampers for sure at night and when out.

  2. I have ambitious goals of painting our living room sometime this winter/spring with an infant in the house. Home renos are just a part of life! Most of my friends prefer the pampers too. Seems like a common preference.

  3. As much as I like PAmpers, Luke seems to have an allergic reaction to them so we use Huggies. I haven’t had more than 3 leaks and those were my fault for not changing him while out and about.

  4. Thank you for sending the diapers, and good luck with the renovations. I think ultimately you’ll be thankful you did it before she got mobile. Even though redoing floors is particularly sucky. So. Much. Furniture.

  5. Would you mind taking a trip to WI to do our living room and kitchen?! 😉 The people that lived here before us and had white carpet in the living room. Well, between 2 dogs (one being a black lab) and daycare, the carpet is now disgusting. We were going to replace it with dark brown carpet this past February, but that’s when I lost my extra daycare kids and we couldn’t afford it anymore. 😦

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