Charlie’s group

I made a group on Facebook a few weeks ago where I post Charlie pictures. I didn’t want to keep spamming people with baby pics and be THAT mom.

What I’m discovering is that despite sharing the group twice in statuses, tons of my friends didn’t see it and don’t know it exists.

So if we’re friends on fb and you want in, let me know. I’ll add you.

If we’re not friends on Fb and you want to be, let me know that too! The blog stays anonymous though, so no blog talk on the facebooks.


11 thoughts on “Charlie’s group

  1. Oooh me me! I never saw anything on FB about it either…though I’ve been out of town and FB on my phone doesn’t show me everything that it does on a computer…

  2. Spam away! Love the pics – they can barely contain the level of cuteness Charlie exudes! I’d be happy to join you on FB – I’m listed under my name (profile pic is a hands in circle with “Relentless” wristbands in honor of HopeKids).

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