As promised, pictures!



BTW-the dress in the last picture is my first sewing project! I’ve just started learning!


14 thoughts on “As promised, pictures!

    • Oh thank you! I’m ridiculously proud of that little dress-even if it did take me all day to make! It’s actually meant to be a top but she’s too little for it, so dress it is! I still have to make the little bloomers that go with it. she’ll probably wear it as a complete outfit in the spring at the rate she’s growing.

  1. The dress you made us beautifully! Great job! My sewing skills are pretty lousy, but I’ve been thinking of taking a class. I’d love to be able to make C’s dressed and costumes like my mom did for me.

  2. Tonight your pictures were the perfect ending to a day that … wasn’t anywhere remotely as wonderful as your daughter. Thank you for sharing her.

  3. Oh goodness…she’s just too cute! Oh and in regards to your last post. I wouldn’t worry too much about the rolling. Just look at it as at least you can still put her down and not have to worry about her going to far while you do something quick. 🙂

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