Too Much To Say

Here’s my problem: I have too much to say and not enough time to say it.

It’s true. I have so many things to tell you guys and then a few days goes by and I feel like I can’t type a post about what’s going on RIGHT NOW because I didn’t type a post about what happened on Monday, or last week or the week before. When really, it’s not going to get better, so I just need to fill you in when I can and accept that you won’t know everything.

So what’s happening in the Barren household?

Teething. I’m 90% sure. Probably.

C has been super drooly for weeks now, but now she is hard core gnawing on things, fussy, not sleeping well, and just generally different. Chief and I both cut ours early and she’s 4.5 months, prime teething time.

I’m not happy about this. I know every milestone should be treasured, but I miss my smiley girl. She’s still smiling some, but not a ton these days, and usually only if we’re at home. On Friday we went to this holiday shopping thing in the morning and then to lunch after. It’s no more than we’ve ever done with her but she just melted down and wouldn’t let me eat my lunch, so I spent the time bouncing her while my family ate and then scarfed down a slice of pizza while my step dad walked her outside to see the cat that lives in the parking lot.

She won’t let anyone hold her if I’m not there, and even if I am there she might start to fuss. She flipped out on Chief the other day when he watched her while I was at work. For hours she just screamed and sobbed at him. Did the same thing to my cousin who usually watches her with no problem.

So yeah, I’m thinking teeth. And if this ISN’T teeth, then I’m REALLY not looking forward to teeth.

I also think we’re going to have to start solids soonish. she is so super interested all the time. I was really wanting to do BLW but I don’t feel comfortable doing that this early. I’m going to try and wait and do some purees at 5 months. My plan had been BLW starting at 6 months, but she keeps trying to bite my food. Not kidding. I think we probably need to strike while the iron is hot. I still go the BLW books and we can introduce it in December.

That’s a baby update just quick and dirty. I’ll have more interesting posts soon hopefully. Here’s my little Halloween Baby:

11219359_10101125286653871_7263114396222007984_n 12109247_10101126808064951_8831975663458284772_n

Harriet Potter! I mean was there ever any doubt that her first Halloween would be Potter related?


11 thoughts on “Too Much To Say

  1. Jude started teething at 2.5 months and still no teeth (which I hope does not happen for you) so to help ease his ouchies, I froze breastmilk in cubes and let him go at it in a food masher.

    He started being super interested in food at 3 months abd made it to 6 months just fine. I woukd encourage you to try and hold off a little longer if possible. Of course you know what’s best, just wanted to share our experience.

    She’s soooo cute! That costume though…

  2. Still can’t get over how adorbs this outfit is! 🙂
    It does sound like teething to me, only time will tell, but all my nieces and nephews started teething very soon after showing interest in food.

  3. For what it’s worth, my daughter started showing signs of teething early and at least for her first teeth it lasted FOREVER. She finally got her first teeth around 5 months old. I’m NOT looking forward to molars.

    Also, personally, I would wait until closer to 6 months to start solids. There is no need to rush into it- if she is interested now in solids that interest is not going to go away in the next month or so.

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