I could talk about…

How aggravating my family is in so many regards. How I’m tired of being criticized for not letting my baby cry enough. How OUTRAGEOUS it was that my sister not only posted pictures of my baby today without my permission, but made them her profile picture which is  A PUBLIC PHOTO. I could also talk about how my dad took her side and then denied it.

But instead, I’m just going to share these family pictures we had done, because my girl makes my heart sing. I never understood that phrase before, but I do now.

I have another post in me about birth control soon, so that’s coming up.


13 thoughts on “I could talk about…

  1. Sorry about the family stuff, particularly posting photos on social media without permission.
    On the happy side of things the pictures are amazing! My favourites are the ones with the sunflowers, but that is me being completely biased because I LOVE sunflowers 🙂

  2. Love the pictures! I’ve been wondering how to bring up the subject of social media sharing with my family, too. I’m very active on social media but I want to try to be conscious of how my daughter is presented and who can see her images… Not sure how to address it.

  3. Ugh your sister is something else.

    The photos are stunning, Charlie is growing up way to fast. She looks a lot like your husband. I love the orange dress!! Where did you get it?

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