Much improved

So. Last night it took us an hour and forty five minutes of constant comforting, putting her down and picking her up, and finally giving in and nursing her for about five minutes, but keeping her awake. Then we put her down awake and she fussed for a few moments, started cooing, and went to sleep.

She slept for five hours straight. This in and of itself is huge and rare. Then she woke up. I nursed her, we put her down awake. She fussed, I picked her up, comforted her, and put her down awake again. She fussed for a moment, then cooed and went to sleep. Rinse and repeat three hours later, except I only had to put her down once and she went to sleep.

She took two 1.5 hour naps at very logical times. She woke up right around 7:00 today. We snuggled in bed this morning, played all throughout the day, took a bath together, read stories, tried some oranges this morning (she is not yet a fan). We had a damn good day.

Tonight, we put her in the tub at 7:00. Chief got her out around 7:20 and gave her to me. I nursed her until she was pushing me away, then we read three stories. Then I put her in her bed and we did the dance for a little while, then chief did the dance for a little while. I would estimate that we picked her up and put her down for about 25 minutes. Then she cooed and went to sleep.

So that’s a pretty big effing improvement.

I know that any sort of sleep training is controversial these days with attachment parenting. I ascribed to AP a lot. I nurse on demand. I was cosleeping. I babywear as much as possible. But honestly, I genuinely believe that sleep training is important for Charlie. I was sleeping just fine with her in bed with me. This wasn’t about me and Chief. This was about my baby girl, and she had the best day she’s had in weeks, and that’s saying something, because she is a sweet little thing. Even at 6:00 when she would normally be getting really fussy and angry at us, she was happy and smiling in the basket at the supermarket. Because she’s rested. Honestly, I’m more tired today than normal because cosleeping was easier for me than this.

But it’s not about me-it’s about her. And I’m so happy to see my angel sleeping well.


11 thoughts on “Much improved

  1. Yay! So glad you are having some success 🙂 I do a lot of AP stuff too, even with how I still parent my 4 year old, but teaching kids to sleep is a gift in my opinion! One of our jobs as parents.

  2. Please come sleep train my baby. Please. We have been walking/crying/nursing/fussing for 90 mins so far. I put her in the crib and we start all over. Sigh.

      • I’ve been in denial so I haven’t done ANY research. Today I remedy that. She actually gave me 3 hours and then 2 hours last night before going hourly again, but all of that was on me. This will be fixed. The timing is just awful because we have to be away all weekend, so that’s just going to mess with her even more.

      • Oh I totally get it. Christmas eve we’ll be at my moms until close to midnight I imagine, so I’m just moving her entire sleeping set up over there. It is a pain in the ass and people will probably be tired of waiting on me to get her to sleep, but we’re making progress and I’m not giving that up just so my relatives can open presents thirty minutes faster. They can start without me. Wake ups last night were tough because she just wanted to get in bed with me, which led to me sobbing for a good ten minutes while Chief tried to comfort her. I keep having to remind myself why I’m doing it, because I sure do miss having her cuddly little body up next to mine. And I’m super tired because I’m actually having to get up to take care of her instead of just getting my boob out and plopping it on the bed lol.

  3. I’m so jealous! At 2, we’ve still had no success at going to bed at A) a reasonable hour and B) awake when put to bed. And naps are hard to come by as well. But we had a good day shopping because I let her hold my hand and walk through several stores instead of cart riding. So that’s something I guess!

  4. I’m so glad you all are making progress. and you’re the only one who know your daughter and her needs. Go with your gut, you are going great!

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