Traveling with a Baby

If you were given the opportunity to travel from the southern continental US to Puerto Rico with your one year old, breastfeeding daughter would you do it? Would you stay home? Why or why not?

If you would do it, would you buy your child a seat or call them a lap infant? Would there be any benefit to flying first class?

Tell me opinions!


14 thoughts on “Traveling with a Baby

  1. Hell yes. Just flew to LA and back over the holidays with my 8 month old breastfeeding son. It wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, but it was fine. Bring books, toys and snacks. Get a window seat and it’s pretty easy to breastfeed discreetly, especially if your husband is in the middle. And, if you’re lucky, she will take a nice long nap. We just did the lap and it was no problem; we like to travel a lot and plan to make the most of the lap infant rule until he’s 2! My husband’s extended family share a condo in San Juan and bring babies of all ages there all the time. We haven’t gone yet, but plan to soon. I wouldn’t waste money on a first class seat, personally. Yes, extra room is nice, but the cost difference is pretty huge, save that money for a mom and dad getaway without the baby when you can really enjoy the luxury!

      • Yes! Our first flight was just me alone with baby when he was about 4-5 months. That one was to NC, so much shorter, but I was SO nervous. The “scariest” part was just getting to the airport and through security (not actually scary, but nerve-wracking because I didn’t know what to expect, had to get stuff through the x-ray, etc, but people were helpful). Once we were at the gate, it was no problem. Definitely bring and gate-check the stroller; it was great to have it to dump everything into (baby was in carrier). Granted, a 1 year old is a different animal than a 4 month old and she will be mobile and more aware of her surroundings, but that will keep her interested, too (my son *loved* looking out the window on this last trip). You could also take a late evening flight, because once they get into that real good night sleep, most babes are pretty much little potato sacks that will sleep through anything (especially snuggled in your arms!). It’s easy to fall into the attitude of “can’t” when you have a baby, I think many people do. Travel is harder, but definitely not on the can’t list I’ve discovered. Once you do it once, it gets way easier. We’re now going to Iceland in the spring right before he turns 1, scary but exciting. Good luck!

  2. I would totally do it, although if I was traveling without Catch, I’d probably go ahead and book the extra seat just for my own sanity. Maybe. I think.

  3. Hmmmm I would in terms of the holiday. The holiday would be fine. I flew a lot with my little one and around 12-15 mths was definitely the trickiest age. He didn’t want to be held, he wanted to explore. So he kicked and screamed and moaned about it. I always traveled with him on my lap until 2. I don’t know if it would have made any difference to give him his own seat. He just wanted to move!! I would say if you do it then get some tricks up your sleeve for what will occupy her. The thing with traveling first class is that the other passengers expect a nice quiet trip so I always feel bad if I travel anything other than economy with really tiny ones. Too much risk!!!

  4. As a passenger sitting next to parent with 1yrold on lap, I say go for it. Think about the timing of flight so if possible it is over nap time. Often babies find the flight noise sleep inducing. DO take something so she drinks through straw, bottle or you while going up and down!!! You want her to swallow to clear her ears. Also take a non-noise making new toy she has not played with before, as well as one she already loves. Take a blanket too from home. Diapers and a easy change of clothes for her AND YOU. Yes, that is experience talking. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you. First class is expensive and will not make it easier. GO!!!!

  5. I have done 4 flights now with AV and I say go for it, with planning ahead to bring bottles, paci, toys etc it is not that bad. I did have first class for 2 of the flights that her and I did alone (husband travels a ton and so had upgrades) and I won’t lie, it made it a lot more comfortable but I don’t know if I would have paid for it out of pocket. She sat in my lap when it was with husband and I, if doing it alone an extra seat and car seat would have helped I think but not mandatory. If you decide to do it I can send you a bunch of other tips since it is fresh in my mind (last trip was a week ago).

  6. I flew with Gus when he was around 18m and it was fine. We did get the extra seat and brought the car seat onto the plane so he’d have a place to sit/snack/sleep if he wanted. If you’re alone that might be too much hassle. But he was fine until the end of our flight out, and I had to nurse him for a bit. The flight home he fell asleep at takeoff and woke up when we landed!

  7. I flew , with layovers, when DS was 10 months. It was definitely do-able!! We had him as a lap infant and if I could do it again probably would have bought him his own seat since he was already mobile and it would have been nice to have the extra space for him to crawl between hubby and I.

  8. Yes. We flew with my 13 mo old daughter (at the time) from Chicago to Vienna (9 hours), had a 2 hr layover, then another 2 hr flight from Vienna to Barcelona. She was awesome. I would definitely get her a seat and bring your car seat for her. Bring an iPad (to watch movies like Finding Nemo) and lots of snacks that she would never usually eat.

  9. I flew alone with Ansel from Denver to NJ, and it was definitely manageable! I had him on my lap, because paying for a seat was out of the question, and it was ok – a little cramped when there were three to the row, but still doable. Breastfeeding made it SO much easier, since I could basically just latch him on when he got fussy. It will be a little harder, because she’s likely to be kind of mobile – Ansel was crawling but not as needy around needing to move as he is even now. I would definitely do it! If cost isn’t a huge deal, having the extra space of her having a seat is great, but it’s mangeable without too. I know nothing of first class, so I won’t speak to that!

  10. We have flown a ton with our kids due to being an international family living a lot of different places. We counted our 5 year old has been on 30 different flights at least! I have flown solo with a baby at 2 months and 8 months, both 8 hour flights. I also flew with my husband when the baby was one year. we could never afford the extra seat. Day flights are a little easier in terms of not disrupting her schedule too much, but are more work in terms of keeping baby happy. Do not book the flight to start after baby’s bedtime! It’s way too exciting at the airport/on the plane. If it is going to be an overnight flight I would book the extra seat and take her car seat. Otherwise, I might not, depending on the length of the flight. Also, tv on the plane is a major aid!! And all the other advice above is really great.

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