Within the last few weeks I made the decision to start up an etsy store. I’m really enjoying making things and every day I come up with a fun design I want to try of a blanket, nursing pillow slipcover, burp cloth, swaddler-all sorts of things!

It’s really taken over my whole brain. I’m constantly thinking and designing and it is so. fulfilling. I love my child, and she 100% fulfills that mothering urge I’ve had for so long, but I haven’t felt creatively fulfilled in a long time. And it’s wonderful to feel that way again.

But it’s also overwhelming. Because I’m sinking money into something that might fail. I have never bet on myself in this way. I’m hesitant to even tell people that I’m doing this because OMG what if I fail?

Let’s face it, there are a lot, A LOT of etsy stores that sell baby products. Many of them with a very professional set up that i cannot provide at this time. I cannot offer clients a choice of 30 fabrics to pick from because I can’t buy that much at one time. I just can’t. I would be happy to do a custom job, but I can’t guarantee a super fast turn around time because I have two other jobs and a baby.

I have done a lot of research on marketing, products, pricing, even photography (which is my biggest stumbling block). I’ve actually “set up” my store. I’ve picked a name and gotten a banner and everything. There’s just nothing in it because of the photography aspect. I’m going to try and get my stuff in some local boutiques as well.

Basically I’m asking for advice-I know a few of my readers have stores of their own. What would you tell me is the “must-do” to get up and going successfully?

As always, your support is so meaningful to me I can’t even express. Some of you have shown interest in my products and even if you’re just doing it to be nice, your kindness means so, so much to me.


24 thoughts on “Etsying

  1. Congrats! I have an etsy shop (I design wedding invitations, programs, etc) but my cousin also has one selling crocheted baby hats. She would work with baby and family photographers and give them free hats for their photo props in return for taking professional pics of babies with her hats. Not sure if that’s an option for you but it was a great way for her to get professional product pics as well as marketing because people who saw the hats on the photographers site would ask who made the hats and she’s link to my cousin’s shop. She’s done insanely well with that as her marketing strategy and works with quite a few photographers. Best of luck to you!

  2. Try looking for a visual communications program in your area. They’re usually at community colleges and more focussed on camera work and production than written pr/comms. I hire a lot of our camera guys and photogs from our local program here and one of their resume builders is doing pix for nonprofits and small start ups, I’ve even seen some etsy photos of products πŸ™‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž

    • I would so love to take a class, but I honestly have no idea WHEN I would do it. I can’t quit my other job until this takes off a bit, if it does. I’m literally spending every free moment sewing.

      • Doh, I was doing 8 other things while I typed that and CLEARLY I was not paying attention! I meant hiring one of the students to take pictures for you so they can build their resume. I’d say $75-150 total for 3 sessions ought to be a fair payment, depending on the going rate in your area. That should include production, too.

      • OOOOOOOH I gotcha. That IS an idea. For that matter, one of my bestest friends used to do a lot of amateur photography that was pretty dang good. I’m going to see if anamarie can get me going first (because I’m cheap) but I like the way you think!

  3. I need an upcoming baby gift and I’m so going to buy from your shop. Post a link! If you want to appeal to a local market, a FB page would be useful as well. But I reccomend getting your shop up and running first before you get overwhelmed with social media. When the time comes, let me know and I can offer some tips and tricks

  4. Also, is there a way to make all of my past wordpress posts private until I can go through and hide any that I wouldn’t want found by my family? Once I post a link to the store here it sort of makes it a lot easier for people to find this blog who I might not want to. I feel like you’re a lot more wordpress savvy than I am.

  5. I don’t know anything about Etsy shop making or photography, but I would totally buy one of those eyelet-trimmed blankets. So definitely post a link when your shop is up and running!

  6. I also have an etsy shop, selling prints (mostly for kids/nurseries). Some of the things I did before I opened was check out how similar shops/items were priced, and I read over the policies of other stores and sort of Frankensteined my own from there. I also spent a little bit up front (it’s impossible not to) on business cards, shipping materials, etc. Another thing you’ll want to look into are your shipping costs. Maybe pack up sample packages of various sizes and have your local post office weigh them for domestic shipping rates.

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