Etsy is a-go

Sort of. There’s a whopping TWO listings. We had a gender reveal party for a friend today also TEETHING, so it probably wasn’t the best day to try and, you know, START MY BUSINESS, but hey, it’s up. Now I must go sew.

I’ll probably only leave this post up for a little bit because it links my blog to my REAL name through my shop, and while I’m not fussed about you guys knowing about it, there are OTHERS that I don’t want to ever find the blog.

Until February 16th I have a 15% coupon code: LIBRARIAN

Thank you for all of your encouragement. I’m so. incredibly. grateful.


20 thoughts on “Etsy is a-go

  1. Looks fantastic! I wish I had a little someone who needed one of these beautiful blankets! I’m following your shop now and next time a friend announces their expecting, I will head directly to your shop for the perfect gift xo 🙂

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