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We took Pepper to the vet today for her yearly exam and to discuss the issues we’ve been experiencing. The doc said that it could take a full month for pepper to get used to being back on the prozac so to just be really careful for the next month. They agreed that we definitely do not want her to get to the point of biting a person because then the conversation changes. She has seemed better these last few days. We changed a few things. Besides getting her back on the prozac we moved her food bowl farther away from the others and separated her bed from the others as well. Still in the same room, but with a little distance. I’ve been trying to really positively reinforce her when she does something good too. So anyway, here’s hoping. The vet did say that there is a little wiggle room to up her dose if necessary, but she wanted to try just getting her used to being on it again. They also prescribed Ace for high anxiety situations, like thunderstorms, which she really struggles with.

I have no update on my momma drama. She’s still acting sulky and petulant and I’m just not buying into that. Whatever.

Charlie seems to be making some steps forward in her sleeping. I feel like that’s all any of us ever talk about, but it seems like a lot of us are dealing with it all at the same time. The last few weeks my main goal has been to get her to sleep without nursing. I don’t want to wean any time soon, but I want for a) it to be possible for her to sleep if I’m not around and b) for her to stay asleep better. The problem with her nursing to sleep was becoming that she seemed to need a boob in her mouth at all times or she woke up too easily. I would nurse her to sleep and she would wake up as soon as I put her down, or very soon after. Now at least she’s waking up every 3-4 hours. It’s still not ideal, but it’s better. We do her bath, then I nurse her, then we read a story (we’re SUPER into Dr. Seuss right now) then I cuddle her and talk to her about how it’s time to go to sleep so that we can play some more tomorrow, and that momma will be right down the hall if she needs me. Then I lay her down. Most nights she might cry for 30 seconds to a minute. Tonight she had a bit of a harder time. I stood outside the door and listened. As long as it was just low grade fussing with a bit of crying, I let it go. It never went on for more than a minute. But when her crying escalated I went right in. I’ve learned that I can’t play the “under five minute rule” with her and full scale crying. It just gets her worked up. So when she starts really crying I go in, give her a pat on the chest, and a shush, and repeat some of our comfort words-that it’s time to go to sleep but that momma is right down the hall and everything is ok. I had to go in twice tonight, probably about two minutes apart, and after that she was asleep. So in the grand scheme of things that’s improving. Significantly.

Now, in an effort to get her to sleep longer, I’m trying to reduce nursing time at night by removing the breast more frequently during her wake ups. If she fusses I always give it back. But last night she fell back asleep after I removed the boob the second time. Granted, she only stayed asleep another hour, but it’s baby steps. The biggest problem is that if she wakes up after I’ve already fallen asleep I’m so groggy that I just pull her into bed, give her the boob, and go back to sleep. No sleep training happening there. But, again, baby steps.

The progress really makes me happy and I think the biggest part of it is that I stopped looking at different methods and books and just started doing what felt right. It took a lot of experimenting to get here. And you know what? If she falls asleep nursing like she did one night last week I don’t wake her up. I just let it go. And if she has a rough night of teething (which happened last week) and we have to switch it up, I just let it go. She’s not a robot, she’s a baby. I don’t go to sleep the same way every night. Some nights I watch TV, some nights I sew, some nights I read. I can’t expect any differently form her.

Speaking of sewing, the etsying seems to have stalled. A couple of my lovely blog sisters bought things (thank you thank you!) but nothing since. I’m still working on building up stock. I have a few more things I need to photograph and put up but I’ve just been sidetracked recovering from stomach viruses and teething. The room I photograph in is Charlie’s and it’s a disaster. Charlie and I slept in there when Chief was sick, so there’s a mattress on the floor, like a flop house, and I just haven’t gotten it moved out so I can get back at it. Plus I’m making a baby gift that is taking a lot of time right now, but the baby shower, which I’m throwing, is in a month, so it has to take priority. I’m about 40% done though, so I should be able to make time for my store again soon. I have a bunch of cotton coming to make crib sheets with, and I made a precious set of wonder woman birth cloths that I need to put up. I get discouraged by the lack of activity, but my husband is very supportive and I know that I need to keep trying.

There’s my random assortment of updates for one night. Much love bleeps!


6 thoughts on “Dogs, Sleep, Etsy

  1. I wonder if our chihuahua could use a good dose of that too? She’s definitely got little dog anxiety. Sorry about your Mom being a drama queen (I went back and read your previous post). Sounds all too familiar my friend. Our night time routine is highly dependent on boob time. Wyatt just reached 3 months, so I’m trying not to stress about it just yet. Sounds like you are moving forward though. LINK ME you Etsy store again! Are you all sold out? Or anything left?

    • Definitely talk to your vet. I talked to mine again about how important it is to me that pepper is happy and I want that to be in our house if at all possible. They’re very supportive of my efforts which is reassuring.

      At three months I def wouldn’t stress over it. Everytime I worry I remind myself that everyone sleeps through the night at some point lol.

      Sold out? You’re so sweet to think that could happen!

      Let me know if you have any special requests and I could make you something special 🙂

  2. I too need your etsy store!! Sorry about the drama with your mom, but I love the efforts your making with your dog. And I so hope it works!!! And wishing you more happy sleep filled nights in the coming weeks. ☺

  3. There is a wee tiny gem in this post that I would like to holla at… “I stopped looking at different methods and books and just started doing what felt right.”

    This has been my most recent revelation. Because I’m a firm believer in things like Research! and Science! and Best Practices!, I was pretty convinced I could nerd my way through parenting. Once I put down the books and the obsessive googling, things seem to have gotten a little easier. Or at least less anxiety ridden.

    Here’s hoping for more sleep for everyone!

  4. I hope the puppy prozac helps. One of my friends has a very high anxiety dog who started prozac, and it really helped him. He’s still anxious, but it really took the edge off of his issues so he’s not quite so desperate in his anxiety.

  5. I hope things continue to get better with Pepper. The Ace should help with the bigger stress events, you just need to make sure you give it enough in advance to kick in so that her stress doesn’t overpower the drugs.
    Don’t give up on your Etsy stuff! I think if you build up a stock then you will have more chances to pull people in. Your stuff is beautiful, and I know you love doing it, so keep at it!!

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