For those playing the home game

Happy Sleeper is really a good plan.

A few days ago I would have said differently I think. Nights 4-6 were abject hell. But then on day seven I realized that while she had been working on FOUR teeth up top, she actually cut one on bottom. So I blame that for a bit of the issues we were facing.

Also, and I hate to say it, I think some of it was the partial cosleeping we had been doing. Originally we had been bringing her in with us at her 2:00 am wake up. But she slept terribly with us all of a sudden. Restless and super fussy. And then sometimes in the hours leading up to 2:00 am we couldn’t get her to be happy in her crib for more than thirty minutes to an hour at a time. So anyway, on night seven we decided to try the whole night in her crib and it went remarkably well. I did cheat just a tiny bit. We’ve been bringing her in at around 6:00 am. She normally wakes up at 7:30, but she had been waking at 6:00 ish to eat (I figure she was probably doing this while cosleeping too because those early morning hours anytime she made a peep I just shoved my boob at her and went back to sleep) so instead of getting up and trying to get her back in her crib for another hour or so I’ve just been having Chief bring her in. I need the snuggles anyway. This does not seem to be confusing for her since it’s just a small little tidbit.

Tonight she has taken to her crib quite well virtually no fussing. And she actually napped in her crib today for an hour. AN HOUR. For my child that is basically a miracle.

The only hard part about Happy Sleeper is that instead of just popping a boob out and going back to sleep, I’m now up for three feeds a night. I think tonight I’m going to try a dream feed and see how that does for us. I would love to drop just one of those feeds. I’m not hell bent on having a baby that sleeps through the night, but maybe just having a baby that only nurses twice? Please?

At any rate, she seems so much happier and more energetic now that she’s getting some quality sleep. I’m just really pleased as punch with her and how well she’s done.


9 thoughts on “For those playing the home game

  1. Yay! I loved those early morning snuggle too so totally get that. I think after 6 is so fine. We had a lot of success with the dream feed at this age so hope it works for you. Good luck! Xx

  2. Charlotte took a crib nap yesterday too. It was AMAZING. I’m so glad things have been better since the appearance of the tooth. We had a 2-feed night last night and it was so nice. I’m with you–I would love to make 2 the norm. Still, compared to where I was, 3 is still a blessing I guess. I wish I could pull c into bed with me at that last wake up. Working full time really sucks sometimes.

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