We’re about to do a crazy thing

….we’re thinking seriously, seriously, about selling our house.



Even more crazily, we’re going to buy  A NEW ONE.


Okay, in all seriousness, we are making  steps towards moving out of this house and getting a bigger one with a layout that suits our needs better. We’ve started the preapproval process online, but now we have to talk to the bank on the phone to verify income and what not. Since Chief is military we’re starting with USAA to see what they can do for us. I’ve been talking to a realtor in town about our house and based on the comps I think we can reasonably expect to make about 50K in profit from our house, probably closer to 40K after fees and closing (although there’s some confusing language about what fees people with VA loans actually pay, so we’ll see).

That amount of money could pay off all of our unsecured debt (credit cards) and our new car. We’d still have payments on the jeep, but just for another year and a half. That would be magic. It would free up about $1500 a month. I know. I KNOW. and with a VA loan we don’t have to have a down payment on the next house, and only pay 1% in closing costs and some other small fees.

It’s exciting. It’s exciting that this is the first time we’ve applied for a loan under chief’s name and haven’t instantly gotten a no. It doesn’t mean that we might not still get a no after talking to the lending folks on the phone, but Chief’s actually in pretty good shape. His credit score has really bounced back from it’s dismal levels, his DTI is only 20%, and he makes a decent amount of money.

It’s also stressful. Because we have to sell this house. And I have a lot of pets. I fear that every time we have a scheduled showing I’ll be loading seven animals and a baby into the car to drive around for an hour while people look at my house. And then if we somehow manage to sell this house that has been mostly remodeled we actually have to MOVE. WITH A BABY.

It’s also a leap of faith, because I have paid to have just about everything in this house fixed to tip top condition. It’s got new AC, a new roof, new appliances, a new porch, new grass, new WALLS in some cases, repaired electrical, repaired plumbing, new kitchen, new front bathroom, paint, NO carpet anymore….I know that it’s solid. and I’ll of course get an inspection on another house, but shit happens, you know? I watch a lot of HGTV, so I know shit happens.

But we’ve really outgrown this house. Really really. Our living area is way too small for us and it’s hard to separate the animal noise from the back area of the house when the baby is sleeping. And babies have so. much. stuff. We just need more space. And more open space.

Here’s some truth though: I think I’m going to have to pay someone to clean before the appraisal. I can’t seem to work from home, raise my child, AND keep my house clean. So I fear we’ll be paying a hefty bill to a cleaning service to not only clean, but organize and declutter my house. Anyone ever had to do that? Was it worth it?


15 thoughts on “We’re about to do a crazy thing

  1. Well that IS exciting! Babies and kids do seem to need so much dang space but it is frustrating when you have fixed a house up nice and good and then have to take the risk of problems with somewhere new. Hoping you can find somewhere perfect nice and easily 🙂

  2. This is awesome!!! It’s so much stress and hard work, but so worth it in the end!!! I don’t think you’ll have to get all 7 animals out though. We NEVER took the cats out of the house for either showings or open houses. I’d say take the dogs and the baby, but leave the cats. I didn’t have a baby to take care of, so I took care of the decluttering/moving things to storage and cleaning myself (B’s not as good at it). It did take a lot of time though, so if you’re able to pay for someone to do it, it will probably be worth it. Oh and your comment about HGTV cracked me up!! I’m excited for you guys!! Yay!

  3. We sold our house and bought a new one while Oliver was 4-6 months old. My husband works, a lot, so pretty much ALL the packing was up to me. I did everything pretty much during nap time. Or while keeping O contained in a high chair, walker, etc. It was a juggling act. We also have a dog, just 1, but he’s a wild beast. So, for showings, I was loading up the baby and the 80# dog. Luckily we only had 3 showings.
    It’s totally do-able. It’s not easy. Unfortunately for us, we bought the wrong house. And I work in real estate, so go figure. I attribute that decision to my still raging hormones. Haha!
    We did not go the route of hiring anyone to clean. I started that a month before I knew we’d be listing. One room/ area at a time. Now that a) Oliver is only taking 1 nap a day, and b) mobile, I may be more likely to pay someone.
    We will be selling our new house later this year. With an almost 2.5 yo. Ha!
    Good luck! It is SO exciting!

  4. I moved last year, with a toddler, and two dogs, so I know it’s overwhelming to think about. We actually built a new house which was delayed so we had the added stress of staying with my husbands parents (who are not dog people) in one room for six months (kill me please).

    As for showings, that is exactly what you’ll need to do, and it is a HUGE pain in the ass. Especially if they want to come in the middle of naptime. There were several times I had to tell people no, but I figured if they were REALLY interested they’d work with us and reschedule. So try not to stress too much. If I didn’t have an hour of notice to straighten up, get everyone in the car, I just said I’m sorry and people were ok (and we did find the perfect buyers).

    I also paid to have the house professionally cleaned right before we listed. That way everything was super clean for pictures, and I just had to do a little maintenance each day.

    I also highly recommend getting a nearby storage unit, or a POD or something and start decluttering asap. I worked in one room at a time, and tried to do a few boxes each day (and this was back when my baby ONLY slept in my arms, so it’s possible, trust me). We’d send Gus to visit his grandparents for a few hours each weekend so we could work without interruption too.

  5. Daunting, yes, but exciting too! Good luck with all of it.

    While I’ve never had someone come in and professionally clean, we have been working with a professional organizer to help us minimize and get things looking nice. We moved (or, more accurately, my poor husband moved) while I was still in the hospital on bed rest, so no time to do the sort of comprehensive clean-out we normally would have done before moving – a clean-out that for us was about 3 years overdue! One of my aunts offered to give us sessions with an organizer for Christmas, and while I was a little apprehensive at first, it has been wonderful. It’s been invaluable to have someone objective think through and help us get things arranged both functionally and beautifully. I could see it helping as far as getting the house ready for showings as well as getting things organized to move.

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