Easter Dress

I made a good start on Charlie’s Easter dress last night, but it’s going to need altering:

I measured the kid and everything! I knew it would be a bit loose, but it was only supposed to be by about an inch for goodness sakes…

Anyway, once it’s altered then it gets heart buttons on the back and a pink bow in the front. And maybe a bonnet and some bloomers!


16 thoughts on “Easter Dress

  1. That’s beautiful! I’m so impressed by your couture skills! After one of your first sewing posts I went to the fabric store to buy fleece, found a couple patterns for baby booties and a blanket (big sister loves fleece but needs a bigger blanket)… The bag of supplies and patterns are in the shelf under the diaper change table and my sewing machine is not far away… They’ve been all sitting there for nearly 2 months!

  2. Goodness that’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! And so special because you made it! I wish I could sew. My mom is a wonderful seamstress, but I don’t think I inherited that talent.

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