Blocked Baby

Poor Charlie. We’re dealing with some real unpleasantness these last few days.

Charlie is constipated. And it’s becoming chronic.

A few weeks ago I noticed her straining. She hadn’t pooped in 2-3 days but I had been told that that was normal. I knew that straining, especially with no result, was not. So I jumped on it and gave her prunes. She ate the better part of three prunes and had a poopsplosion. problem solved. It happened once or twice more, always easily resolved with some prunes. Even so we decided to really restrict her refined carb intakes. Much to her chagrin, this meant no more gerber puffs and pieces of crusty bread from Panera (excellent teething food).

And yet despite having a diet of almost solely berries, oatmeal, broccoli, black beans and sweet potatoes. Charlie is constipated again. I didn’t freak out. I gave her the prunes.


Okay…juice. We tried juice with a bit of water added. She had a few ounces.


Abominal massage, bicycle legs, lots of crawling, jumping in the jumperoo, more prunes, more juice and water, a warm bath….all nothing.

And then she woke up today and we did it all again and got… nothing.

Well, that’s not true. I got two little poop pellets after watching my baby shriek and scream like someone was torturing her. I called the doctor and they said I was doing all the right things and that if they weren’t working we would have to try a suppository. So that’s what we’re going to do. My husband is bringing one home on his lunch break.

This should fix it in the short term I realize, but what am I going to do in the long term? I asked the nurse at my doctor’s office and she didn’t know of anything I could give her on the regular to help with this. I hate seeing my baby like this. In fact, I have to go because she just started shrieking in pain again.

Any tips are welcome.


22 thoughts on “Blocked Baby

  1. I don’t know if we’ve just been lucky or if there’s more to this, but we do a bit of avocado anytime we offer carbs. Our girls love avocado, and I know it has a slight laxative effect being so high in (good) fats. Poor baby, I’m sure she feels miserable. 😦

    • Oh, meant to say, we’ve never experienced any constipation and I attribute it to the avocado. We haven’t done any refined carbs, just rice cereal or oatmeal cereal (usually a mixture). At six 1/2 months, a typical meal looks like: cereal, a bit of fresh fruit, a bit of avocado, and a veggie or two.

  2. Not sure if you’re opposed to meds but ask your doctor if you can try Miralax. We use it all the time in the hospital (I’m a pediatric RN) but you just want to check with your doc first. I also suggest prune juice (apple juice as well but prune works way better).

  3. Oh no!! Kinda annoying that the Dr’s office couldn’t give you some more advice or info. I have none, but I hope that she starts feeling better soon!

  4. No advice since I’m only familiar with adult stuff, but Charlie has my sympathy. It’s such a simple thing – to be able to poop and yet when you can’t, it really starts to add up. It makes you fatigued, cranky and feel off. As an adult I know why, but as a baby she has no idea.

  5. From someone who had to use suppositories at one point in pregnancy, I can tell you they work magic and will give her some relief. I found my constipation was solved with an increase in magnesium. Could you add some magnesium rich foods to her diet?

    • I’ll definitely look into magnesium rich foods! Thanks!

      We got the suppository but the only one they had was for ages 2-5 so I have a call in to find out how much of it to give her. Hoping to hear soon! You know you love your child when your’e looking forward to giving her a suppository just so she can have some relief!

      • I’ve used the kids ones before when they were sold out of adult. You could probably try cutting it in half for her. But I’d definitely see what the doc says too

  6. I don’t know if this is coincidence on my mothers part, but she would feed us oranges and that would result in a good bowel movement. The only caution is have is if she had a diaper rash, due to the acidity. Worth a try mayhap?

  7. Ansel is a pretty constipated dude, although he doesn’t seem to have a lot of pain associated. We pretty much do watered down juice every morning, and that seems to help. We also limit his food to mostly stuff that is fiber rich and poop supportive, and he drinks water like crazy. But I’m on the slow end of things, digestively speaking, so maybe it’s genetic? In any case, I can relate, and I’m sorry.

  8. Chick has his moments, and I’ve found the primary culprits to be bananas and sweet potatoes. If he has eaten those in large-ish quantities, sh!t will get ugly. I still feed him those things, only I always mix them with something else like sweet potatoes and apples, or bananas and butternut squash.

    In the meantime, I hope it all comes out okay… literally, figuratively…

  9. Someone already mentioned it above but sweet potatoes and cereal are both binders. So I would avoid those for now. Bananas and applesauce are also binders (think of the BRAT diet – all binders). I’ve had a lot of trouble with constipation with my little one. Poor babies. Butternut Squash, zucchini, pears, prunes (obviously), yellow squash, are all non-binding food and should help. And when things are really stuck, those suppositories work wonders. what my pedi suggested is a suppository 3-days in a row to clear all the backlog and get the system working again.
    Good luck!

  10. Do you offer her water in a sippy cup throughout the day? Also, don’t forget the “p” foods that help with constipation. . . Pears, pumpkin, prunes, etc. . .

    • Yeah she’s still trying to figure out the sippy. And we are big on prunes here. She has had sooooo many. I’m going to pick up some pears tomorrow. I feel weird about using pumpkin though because it’s what I give my cats when they have diarrhea, which is the opposite problem.

  11. We have this problem with G and have since he was 3 months old 😦 it’s horrible. Dairy is a huge problem for him. Pear juice is helps (prune juice did nothing for him), all the P foods, trying to get as much water in him (without replacing his formula meals when he was younger) but at a year old, with my baby that now has a hemorrhoid, I waved the white flag and started giving milk of magnesia and flax oil. I am not sure if it’s safe for babies under a year but it has really help G tremendously. As long as I dont miss giving him a dose he is quite regular with fairly soft stool. I hate that you and your girl are going through this. I know how much it hurts to see them strain so much!!

  12. I know you’ve probably gotten lots of advice already, but I thought I’d add one more lol. Pears- have a laxative effect and you can easily sneak a little bit in regularly so that baby girl doesn’t have a massive poopsplosion, but rather just keeps her poops more soft.

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