Seriously about to be done with our doctor

So. The doctor told me to give her a glycerin suppository. So my husband went and got them. When I didn’t hear back from the doctor and my child was in pain I researched a safe dose myself. I gave her 1/3 of the bulb, which contains 2.8 g glycerin (pedialax if you’re interested).

One nurse called and I told her what I did and she said it was fine.

Then another nurse called and said I should NOT give her this. I said so what do I give her? And she said a glycerin suppository. She said that’s not what I had, I had a laxative. I was like….umm, okay, but it says the ingredient is glycerin. She said it was the wrong thing and not to give her that.

Well it’s too late and now I’m afraid I’ve hurt my child. Could they be any more unclear?


18 thoughts on “Seriously about to be done with our doctor

  1. I *seriously* doubt you’ve given her the wrong thing. Can you call and demand to speak with the doctor? The fact that you have two different nurses telling you two different things would really be pissing me off. They owe it to you to let you speak with the doctor so you can get a straight answer.

    • I called my grandma who is a nurse and she said that its okay, and that even if I had given her the wrong thing that she’s pooped it all out now so it’s not like it got absorbed. I was going to give this office another shot at Charlie’s 12 month appt but I think we’re done. The nurse who just called acted like I was an idiot and I’m not okay with that. If there are juvenile glycerin laxative suppositories and juvenile glycerine suppositories all out there on the shelf then you should be more specific, but this is all chief could find anyway.

  2. I agree with Molly…they should have the Dr call you. Why are there 2 different nurses calling to tell you two different things? Makes no sense. Does she at least seem more comfortable now that she passed all that poo?

  3. I second finding another office. Sounds like these folks don’t really know what’s up. I know lots of folks love the family practice thing, but I want a pediatrician, personally, for just these reasons.

  4. Those are glycerin suppositories they are just liquid instead of the little melting pellets. No biggie. When I was a baby apparently I never went to the bathroom and my mom had to use a whole host of glycerin suppositories all the time. I survived ok. What matters is that she is feeling better, which I hope she is!!

  5. My little guy tends to get constipated too. Not had anything as bad as what you described, poor Charlie! My friend who is a GP recommended putting prune juice every day in morning mush or some other thing that bubs likes. About 2-3 tablespoons? We definitely notice if we forget to give the prune juice– the next day, no poop. Not sure if you already try this but if not maybe worth a shot once this episode is over?

  6. They should maybe communicate better in their own office. It’s probably fine. It sounds like the right thing and you did everything right. She will be just fine. You’re doing a great job.

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