Charlie’s Troubles Continue

Sigh. Charlie spent the morning being constipated again. Despite having Miralax everyday for a week.

She woke up with a dirty diaper, but I already knew we were in for it because it was way more solid than it should have been. then she had two more like that after straining and crying. I dosed up a bowl of oatmeal with some Miralax. I gave her half a capful. It seemed like too much when the doc said it so we have been giving her half that much and she’s been going just fine, but today I figured I needed the big guns. She went down for a nap and then had a “normal” (rank, foul, super gross, but normally textured) poop full of last nights black beans after much straining, though at least no crying.

And then she felt like crap all day. Fussed, super, SUPER clingy, couldn’t ever seem to nurse enough to satisfy her-just general all around crap day. She’s also been sleeping terribly and I was blaming it on her crawling, but I’m also wondering if it could be miralax/constipation induced.

I’m afraid the Miralax is putting a band-aid on this issue. Sure, it’s getting the poop out, but my kid still feels like crap. I just can’t accept this. She has an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow, an actual pediatrician. And if she doesn’t have answers for me then I want some referrals. Everything I read about miralax in kids is that parents use it because their kids won’t eat a balanced diet and so they get blocked up. Charlie eats fruits and vegetables constantly. Yesterday she had pineapple, grapes (cut into quarters) and cantaloupe for lunch. Black beans for dinner. The day before that it was asparagus and oatmeal, and one tiny bite of my birthday cake. She shouldn’t have been blocked up today.

I just can’t accept that Miralax is our only answer. I need more than that. I need someone to say “let’s try to figure out why this is happening. Let’s make sure there isn’t an underlying reason for this.” I hate to put her through unpleasant testing, but I think I owe it to her to be her advocate. I want a blood test. I want to talk to a GI doc, maybe an allergist?

I want answers for my baby girl and I want her to stop having to live this way. It may sound dramatic, “it’s just a pooping problem,” but it’s hurting her and making her miserable and I want it to stop.


12 thoughts on “Charlie’s Troubles Continue

  1. I am having the opposite issue than you are right now. Ever since Mackenzie had her virus in January her stools have been icky and not solid.

    So on that note – I thought I would share some of the things that go right through her. Maybe it will help Charlie with her constipation. Mandarin oranges in 100% juice – this is a big culprit for us. Also, blackberries and blueberries. Those are the 3 fruits I can tell hours later when she has eaten them. Might be worth a try?

    • Blackberries and blueberries she has in her oatmeal :-/ in the past oranges have been a big intolerance as far as having a big of blood in her stools, but I know those things can change. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Hi, I am not health professional but have four children, 16 years through four months. Cereals like oats and rice used to constipate my babies and children so that would be something I would give up, stick to fruit and veggies. Hope you can get it all sorted. Cheers, Heidi Sent from my iPhone

  3. Poor Charlie and so stressful to see the in pain. I have no advice but just want to say it sounds like you are doing the right thing by seeing the paed and knowing what you want. You are a great mama!

  4. Lettie was on Miralax for a long time. As soon as she was potty trained, her poop issues went away immediately and she’s fine now. But I agree with you — I was never comfortable with Miralax as a solution. I hope you find some answers soon!

  5. Sorry she’s still having these issues. I think you’re handling it exactly right but seeking a reason. I hope it gets cleared up and is nothing serious. With that great diet, she should have no problem going. Poor Kid.

  6. Oh no, poor Charlie. It has been quite some time now and you’ve done everything you can, I hope the doctor can help you out! I hope you get some answers, it must be awful to see her so miserable 😦 big hug for you too X

  7. It could be that Charlie has a slow moving digestive/bowel system. I have that and so does two of my three children; my pediatrician says it can run in families. My oldest has been on Miralax for years, and I tried to wean him off of it but he just couldn’t eat enough fiber to keep his system moving fast enough to where he wouldn’t be constipated. Taking a probiotic has helped me a lot, and they have probiotic powder for kids. Maybe that will help her?? Good luck!

  8. So I’m not a doctor. NOT A DOCTOR. Buuuut… Definitely work with your doctor on a plan to figure out what’s up. When Chick was having trouble with his stool, we figured out he had a milk and soy intolerance. It took some trial and error, but we figured it out in the end.

    Don’t be afraid to “bring it” with your new doc, either. Remember: you’re paying them to take care of your kid. Get what you need out of that visit!

  9. I’m not a doctor, but I found that not having enough carbs can cause constipation. Does Charlie have any carbs besides oatmeal?

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