My baby hates me and is also incredibly hungry

I could use advice in a sort of desperate way.

Charlie has been super moody lately. She won’t play for long on her own before she’s crawling over to me and demanding to be held, but when I hold her she screams and pushes away. Inevitably I’ll nurse her for a bit before she starts the cycle again.

Today this went on and she nursed for a straight hour, then played for about twenty minutes and nursed again until her dad got him, when of course it was all smiles and giggles for him.

She’s also started nursing again at around 1:30 am when she was going from 7:00-4:00 previously.

So what’s going on? Is my supply dwindling and she’s trying to revive it? I keep wondering if it’s time to just give up  and start thawing frozen milk for her to have in a cup throughout the day. I’m frustrated and tired. I’m frustired.

Edited: FFS y’all. I’ve been dieting. WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT?! My baby probably IS hungry because I’ve cut my calories back to about 1450 a day. I’m going to bump back up to where I was for a few days and see if it makes a difference. If it does then I’ll just focus on eating HEALTHY but not reducing calories, and exercising.


10 thoughts on “My baby hates me and is also incredibly hungry

  1. Can you send me the link to your etsy shop? I was just digging through your old posts looking for it but this is much quicker. Im buying that blanket asap, as in today!!! (Now im going to read this post)

  2. This is a foretaste of her establishing herself as an independent person. Now is time to remember when you worried because she liked you so much more than her daddy. She will keep switching preference, this is normal.
    Re nursing and distraction etc. Try the thawed milk in cup and see how it goes. There is no medal or award for continuing nursing when the baby doesn’t wish to do this. AND, it may be a very transitory event. Not getting fussed about her behavior is what is key here. At some point your supply will simply change, this is normal and varies by mother and child. You are being a good mother. Repeat that to your self constantly. Cheers.

  3. It’s likely that you’re eating too few calories. Try bumping up to 1800 or 2000. It’s hard to nurse and diet.

  4. Also- teething?? That may be why she’s going on long nurse-a-thons? It could be a perfect storm of ALL the things. Especially when they’re mastering new skills, teething, etc.. You’re amazing, you do a great job!

  5. I was going to suggest that she’s going through a leap. That sounds developmental. She recently learned to stand? She could be trying to reconcile the new skill.

    But yes eating more will probably be a good idea too.

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