Oh F*ck

Y’all…..getting your house ready for sale is a lot of work.

We’re busting it getting as much moved into storage as possible. I’ve accepted that I won’t also have the time to get it listing-clean before we need to get it listed, so I’m booking a cleaning lady for late next week with the hopes to have the house listed by next weekend. We also have to get the outside cleaned up to get our curb appeal up since our area is not the most popular to live in. As my realtor said, we need to get them in to see how much work we’ve done.

And it’s a ranch style home, which is sort of whomp whomp. One house in my neighborhood sold in six days, but it was tiny and cheap. The one that is most comparable size and price wise to ours took 303 days. Gulp.

And then there’s the pet stuff. It looks like the cats will get crated and the dogs will end up in the car with Charlie and I for every. showing.

So…happy (and quick!) home selling thoughts please?


26 thoughts on “Oh F*ck

  1. We’ve had to sell twice in the past 3 years, and I know how hard it is!! (Well, not with a baby, but all the other stuff!) I hope that things go well and you get some people in there and interested very soon!!! Do you already have another house that you’re interested in buying?

  2. When we sold our first home we were told getting the dog out of the house and fur off the floor for showing is key. And cats are as big of a deal. It worked for us so I hope it will also work for you!

    • Yeah unfortunately there’s just no real way to get the cats out with the dogs and the baby. But I’m going to crate them so they’re not in people’s faces and go back to my routine of vacuuming every day. I think I’m also going to pull up our area rug in the living room so that’s one fewer soft surface for them to stink up with their smelly animal-ness.

  3. If there’s a home you’re really in love with, you should at least make an offer with the contingency that your home sell within X amount of time. It might not end up being accepted by the seller in a competitive market, but it’s worth the try if you love something! It’s your realtor’s job to write offers for you, as many as it takes. You don’t want to end up accepting something on your house and settling for a house that isn’t exactly what you want because you have to get the hell out since you sold. Good luck!!!!!

    • She said we could try it, but that in the market we’re in its very likely to be rejected unless we have an offer on our house. If we find one that feels like THE one we certainly will.

  4. We sold our old place and moved last year. It’s a lot of work with a baby and pets, but after a few showings you’ll find a system that works for you. The hardest part is keeping the house show-ready. Putting as much as possible into storage will help.

    • That’s what we’re doing. We got a huge unit and I’m just throwing shit in boxes and sending it there. I’ll probably regret this very unorganized system later but it’s all I have time for right now.

  5. We’re in the same boat! Getting the house ready with a 2 year old, a 13 year old, 5 cats and 2 jobs that are an hour away from home makes me think we might be clinically insane.
    Fingers crossed for a quick sale for us both!

  6. Oh goodness it’s a crazy business!!! But it’s exciting too!!!!

    I have never sold a house, but we did put an offer on a house a few weeks ago…we went to see a huge number of houses, we couldn’t figure out which neighborhood to live in, so we used Zillow and trulia to drive by some of the areas we didn’t know…so I can say for sure that your front yard appeal is very important especially if it’s not a “known” area.

    Exciting times!!!!! 😊

  7. Good luck! Moving is both exciting and stressful! I agree, put as much stuff into storage as you can – the less to have to keep tucked away, the better! Oh, and closets look bigger if you take out a lot of your clothes so that just a few items are hanging 🙂 Doing whatever you can to make sure the buyer is able to imagine themselves in the space is important. Taking off personal touches and photos will help too. I’m sure your realtor has been giving you lots of helpful tips though!

    The housing market where I live is crazy right now (Vancouver, BC). People can’t list their houses fast enough. Multiple offers are going in on pretty much every property within 70km of Vancouver. There have been multiple instances where buyers have went in at $1,000,000 OVER asking. It’s great to sell, but horrible to buy in 😦 No matter what type of market, there is always challenges.

    • I’m in the Vancouver area too. It’s so crazy out here. We live in a townhouse in a suburb about 45 minutes away from downtown and people are constantly putting flyers in our door saying they want to buy in our neighbourhood ASAP. The townhouses in our development (5 years old) are selling for $100,000 more than we paid, so it’s tempting, but then we’d have to be the crazy buyers and that’s just not worth it! Good luck with selling, I hope it’s quick and easy!

      • That’s so crazy. We went online and looked and noticed a few things:

        1. There’s only one other house for sale in our neighborhood and it needs a ton of work, so that could work for or against us.

        2. We’re one of the only houses in town that is fixed up at this price point. Other houses of our size are typically more expensive BUT they’re newer builds, so I’m hoping we get the buyers who want something move in ready but can’t afford a brand new house. We’re priced anywhere from 50-100k below the new builds of this size.

      • I think generally people like things that come in nice little packages. Most people don’t want to do a bunch of work if they don’t have to. Having the only competition being something that’s run down I would think is a plus for you guys… as long as your listing price was within reason. It sounds like you’re doing everything right!! Good luck.

      • Are you in Pitt Meadows by any chance?! I’m actually a realtor and a fellow realtor in my office just told me about a townhouse in bonson’s landing that sold earlier this week for nearly $100k over asking! I don’t know what specific complex it was in, just the area. It’s NUTS.

    • No, I’m in Maple Ridge in Silver Valley. It seems that Silver Valley is super popular right now, especially since there’s only two townhouse developments up here (and it’s the best neighbourhood in Maple Ridge in my opinion!). 🙂 I love Bonson, but the water table issues in Pitt Meadows makes me nervous (I used to work for some local realtors so I know alllllll about that).

      • That’s too funny! We are practically neighbours! I’m on 232 and Cottonwood in a townhouse!! Hi neighbour 👋 😊

        Yeah silver valley is booming, along with so many other neighborhoods. My SIL lives in bonson’s and yes, the water table issues were definitely a worry of the families when she bought down there.

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