House Stuff and Other Stuff

House Stuff

I met with our realtor last week as you know. I wanted to go into a bit more detail about what we talked about. She was recommended by our banker and I love her. Seriously. She has three cats and a dog so she understands some of our challenges and was realistic-she knew we couldn’t take the cats with us for showings. She’s selling her house right now too and she said she doesn’t take hers. Hers go outside though so that’s a bit easier. She said for us it was fine to crate the cats and take the dogs with me. She said serious buyers wouldn’t be turned off by it unless the house smelled bad, which of course it will be my goal for that not to be the case.

We settled on a listing price which is okay with me. We were basically on the same page. She said that our community is a bit of a tough sell, but not impossible, and that listings are sort of all over the place as far as how quickly they sell. Like one really small house sold in six days. A house closer to our size took 303 days to sell. Yeesh. I definitely don’t want to fall on that side of things, but really who knows.

Chief worked super hard this weekend and got the outside looking amazing. Unfortunately it’s raining all this week so we’ll have a bit of clean up to do, but it’s supposed to be clear Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re having the listing photos done on Sunday so that gives it Friday and Saturday to dry out. I cut the roses all back today so that they’ll spend their energy over the week making new blooms rather than spending it on old blooms (that’s a handy rose tip btw-cutting off old flowers pushes the energy back into the plant to create new blossoms). I’m hoping by Sunday it’ll look as gorgeous as it did this last weekend. EVERYTHING was blooming.

This week we’re turning our focus inward and getting the inside clean and finishing up a few projects-hanging a few doors, finishing up some trim we just never did, hanging a ceiling fan. It’s challenging because Chief works full time and this is his last week of school. We’re both going to bed exhausted every day but it will be worth it if the house sells quickly–or at all honestly. It is a challenge keeping things clean with a baby. She literally follows behind me and messes up what I clean. Today she threw ALL of her clean laundry out of one basket while I had my back turned hanging things up. I couldn’t help but laugh but man, it’s pretty illustrative of what it’s been like these last few days.

The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow to “evaluate” our project, which makes me nervous!

Other Stuff

So, I told you guys that M and his wife went into the hospital two weeks ago because she had high blood pressure and was 36 weeks 1 day, right? Right. Well she did, but she got released. They determined she didn’t have preeclampsia, but that she did have pregnancy hypertension. they scheduled her to be induced this Friday.

Well they never made it there because she went into labor last Monday. The baby came in like 12 hours. he was 7 lbs and seemed perfectly healthy, but they kept him under a warmer just as a matter of course since he was a bit early. They had always said that they would want us to come visit them at home as soon as they got there because that’s what they did with us. They asked to come see Charlie two hours after we got home from the hospital and we welcomed them with open arms.

Anyway, they didn’t get to go home right away. They kept them an extra day because of him being a bit early. Then on the third day his bilirubin was up, but not up enough to do the lamps, so they kept them another day to check that, and then the next day the bilirubin was up more so they did lamps. Finally they went home on Thursday afternoon and put on fb that they didn’t want any visitors. So I wasn’t offended by that. They’d had a bit of an ordeal.

M had been texting me all through their time in the hospital keeping me up to date and had said that he would let us know when we could come visit. i didn’t push or even ask to come at all. I’ve made freezer meals for them and I had bought some stuff to make a fruit salad because I had such awful digestion issues and I thought that would help. The fruit has gone bad now but that’s okay. But now I’m sort of wondering what the next move is.

Honestly, we don’t have time to go this week. They live 40 minutes away and every spare minute is being spent getting our house ready. But also, they’re not asking. I don’t want them to think that the ball is in my court since they said they would let us know when we could visit, but I also don’t want them to have forgotten that they said that and think that we don’t want to visit. Surely not-I mean, they know we made food for them, right?

Honestly my feelings were a bit hurt when he was first born because, while M had been keeping us up to date about her labor and everything, I found out the baby was here via facebook. When Charlie was born we texted them and our other close friends before we posted anything. I know everyone is different, but we consider them to be some of our best friends and we can’t really decide these days if those feelings are reciprocated.

Obviously I’m not a big enough jerk to mention any of this to them because, hello, they just had a baby. L (M’s wife) texted me Saturday and Sunday about non baby related stuff and then we talked a bit about baby stuff, so if she had wanted to invite us up she could have.

It’s just hard. I had to really deal with some tough emotions over this. I actually bawled the night before he was born because I’m struggling lately with whether or not we’ll be able to have a second. I had to really psych myself up to be JUST excited and let the jealousy go. None of this is their fault or their responsibility to manage, but it makes their sort of lackadaisical response to our friendship harder to deal with.

So that’s the House Stuff and the Other Stuff. I’ll take any and all advice on either.


4 thoughts on “House Stuff and Other Stuff

  1. I believe the house stuff will pay off. EVEN if it doesn’t sell quickly, you’ll get to enjoy the finished projects yourself for a while. We’ve pushed back our listing by 1 more week, yet again, haha. Just can’t get our shit together. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the house stuff. I’m sure it will all pay off. As for your friend, in these sorts of situations I have found being up front the best tactic. Own the awkwardness. So say something like “just making sure you know that we are happy to visit whenever you are ready but totally respect your need to take your time for visitors. I won’t mention it again as I don’t want you to feel at all pressured so just tell me whenever you are ready and I’ll be there with hugs and meals”. Obviously use your own words but see what I’m trying to do there? You are very good with words. I know you can come up with something that addresses that the ball is in her court but removes the pressure. That’s all you really want to do. xx

  3. The people whose house we bought last summer had two very young kids and I felt awful every time we had to be there for one reason or another because I knew she must have had to clean like a mad woman. The house was always impeccable. It hasn’t looked that way since we moved in! Hopefully the showings and open houses will be over as fast as they begin!

  4. We didn’t do anything with our cats while our houses were on the market, really they usually hid and weren’t an issue. I hope your place sells fairly quickly so you can move on! As far as your friend…I agree with Emily. Say something to let them know you like to come but the ball is still in their court. Hope that situation works itself out soon, too!

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