If you needed convincing

Don’t smoke. And especially not in your house.

Our house is on the market but no one is looking, so we’re doing one last project-repainting the disgusting downstairs den that his dad spent 20 years smoking in. Chief uses it as a workshop now. I hate being in there because it’s so gross.

See the difference? See where a picture was hanging?

Also, apparently a pipe had to be replaced at some point and his dad literally covered the hole with a picture, so that was a fun surprise:

So that’s one of the reasons why it’s been radio silence over here. Trying to sell my house that no one wants to buy. The rest of it is so beautiful and clean, might as well make this room look at least…well, clean. I don’t think it will ever be beautiful.


15 thoughts on “If you needed convincing

  1. Check at your local tool rental place for something called a deionizer. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_ioniser The past owners of our house smoked here for years and you could smell the smoke from the street even after they had cleaned, repainted, and replaced all the flooring. We left the ionizer running, rotating rooms, and in about 2 weeks you really couldn’t smell the smoke again. After scrubbing the walls really well, you should paint it with Killz, which gets rid of odors. I think you can mix it with a color do you get a paint and primer in one. Good luck.

    • Oh trust me-we’ve got this on lock. We’ve done every room in our house the same way. We buy zinsser BIN which is a shellac based primer. We can’t scrub the walls in this particular room because they’re popcorn all the way down and it will tear it up, but the zinsser seals it all in. We used to try scrubbing the walls in our house and it was pointless-before we found zinsser it all just came back through the paint. Now we do two coats of zinsser then just regular latex paint and no one can tell the house was smoked in anymore.

  2. OH man it is so gross. I used to sit across from a lady who told me all about the days when people were allowed to smoke in the office. She said the guy opposite her used to smoke cigars and there was a big yellow stain above his head. It is a wonder they allowed they shit for so long!!! Hope you get some interested peeps soon.

  3. Omg the hole! My whole family basically smokes so I know just what it does to your house…so gross! Plus my sister and I both had asthma when we were teens because of it, but since being out on our own we’ve been fine. Such a gross habit!

  4. Ugh and ew. I bought a used car and I’m 99% sure that whoever owned it prior smoked. My super bloodhound sense of smell can tell, though I’m the only person who seems to notice. I can FEEEEEEL the carcinogens!

    At least with my car, I can blame it on perfect strangers. When it’s your in-laws… that’s weird.

  5. Sometimes I miss smoking. And then I see shit like this and I’m like NOPE. I never smoked inside, but it grosses me out to think my lungs looked like that.

    I hope you have Denver like selling luck, which is to say, I hope you get flooded with offers above listing! ❤

    • Your comment is perfect. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Just a couple of days ago I was hugely stressed and grieving and thought how much I could use a smoke right now… I didn’t do it. I had a hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows in it instead. Then when I saw these pictures I thought, ‘so proud that I said no the other day’ hahaha.

  6. Fingers crossed you get some offers soon! I painted a rental once that the nicotine started leaching out as the paint dried. It was horrible. The pictures look great if your house and I am a sucker for a rose garden.

    • That happened to us. We first moved in and scrubbed the walls and painted one room with oil based paint which was supposed to do the trick. Nope. Nicotine came right back through. So gross. Finding zinsser bin was a life saver.

    • In that room they’re probably nine or ten foot, but in the rest of the house they’re normal, like seven or eight foot. Which means that to do this room we’re having to rent scaffolding for the ceilings.

    • That picture square is disturbing. Very proud I quit smoking right now *shudders*.
      That hole in the wall though hahaha. I know it is not funny for you and I am sorry, but what on earth. That is such a dodgy thing to do. Meanwhile how long has that been like that?!!!

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