Up and Down

Yesterday morning my sister texted me saying that she had some friends who were interested in our house. I was cautiously pleased. Interested is just, well, interested. It’s not in love or anything. They asked if they could come and see it. I told her they would need to check with the realtor but that I was fine with them coming that day. They set up to see the house at 5:30 pm.

Chief and I had appointments set to see FIVE houses in a town about 30 minutes north where I went to college. There’s a good high way to get to the base without a lot of traffic, and some of our best friends, M and L, live there, so we’ve been considering it. I really had not wanted to see more listings like I said in my last post. It never goes anywhere because we’re trying to get an offer on our house, so what’s the point? Luckily I didn’t see anything yesterday that I fell in love with, but in the meantime I did get my hopes really high about the viewing on our house. My sister said they really liked the pictures and the fact that they wanted to see it the same day they first saw the listing seemed promising.

We got home around 4:45 pm and did the last minute things we needed to do-made sure the floors were super clean, dumped the litter boxes out completely, locked the cats in crates (sorry cats), got the baby into the car with me and the dogs into the car with Chief, and at 5:20 we drove away. I drove back by at 5:25 and the realtors car was there but I didn’t check again after that. Charlie and I went to the fabric store and Chief just drove around town. At 6:00 when I hadn’t heard anything I texted our realtor to see if Chief could go home, she checked with the realtor who showed the house and she said they were out.

So Chief went home and released the animals and I headed that way myself. And then we waited for the call we just KNEW was coming to say they wanted to make an offer. And we waited. And waited. And waited. I had asked my realtor if there was any feedback and SEVERAL HOURS LATER she texted back to say that according to the realtor who showed the house they hadn’t really said anything when they saw it.

I went to bed feeling pretty dejected. I know I’m not handling this well, but our area is not really popular, especially not with young people. It’s an older person and military community. Not a lot of home buying potential there, so any showing is something to leap upon with hope and, quite frankly, a bit of desperation.

I texted K today to ask her if she had heard anything and she said she would casually ask them what they thought without making it sound like it was coming from me. She said that they really liked the house and thought it was beautiful, but they had just started looking. So that’s something. It’s not an automatic no, but I do feel like when viewing houses the first one is like the first pancake-it usually gets thrown out.

While I don’t like being anyone’s first pancake, at least we had one showing. I’m not looking forward to doing it again. The cats were not happy with their lot in life, and I have no idea how I’ll do this if it’s during the day and Chief can’t help me. I’ve been pretty down about it today but I’ve gradually picked myself back up and I even did some sewing today. It’s like I’ve been afraid to live my life in my house for fear of messing it up, but I can’t just tiptoe around my own home. It could be months before it sells, and life goes on.


16 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. It’s so hard trying to sell a house. We had a tough time with both of our sales. We went through multiple realtors with B’s condo and it was on the market for months before we even got any traffic. (A change in realtor, and really I think the change of seasons really helped.) I wouldn’t necessarily say that just because those people just started looking that they will throw yours out. If you love a house, it sticks with you, and you go back to it and compare everything else you see to it. I have my fingers crossed that you get some more traffic, and you get a good offer soon!

  2. You may have to kennel or crate your pets and leave them (or a few of them) in the house during showings. It’s just hard with pets, and babies.

      • I was taking my dog, but for the last several days, I’ve had to leave him in his kennel. Which is not ideal. He doesn’t stay in it at all anymore. But, I just can’t always handle an 80lb dog and a nearly 2yo with nowhere to go. Ya know?

      • Yeah, and what I’ve thought about doing is calling my vet on a case by case basis and asking if they have room to watch my dogs for half an hour. It hasn’t really been an issue yet since we’ve only had one showing and my husband was able to take them.

      • I heard a realtor say once “the house you live in is not the house you sell”. She was SO right!!! Keeping a house clean with pets and toddlers is a whole other challenge!

  3. Ugh I am so sorry. We were in the same boat of selling a home, in a less than desirable neighborhood….okay, there were drive-bys every. damn. day. I wish I was exaggerating. It took us a year and I cried the day we signed off on that house. It is stressful stuff. Hang in there!

    • That sounds terrible. We actually live in a good neighborhood, mostly old people. We haven’t had any dangerous crime and the one time our car had something stolen out of it it was left unlocked. We just live in a suburb town about twenty miles away from the main prt of our community. It was built for the air base here so the majority of purchases are to military folks, and a lot of the time they don’t want to buy because they move so often, so that cuts down on purchases even more. Last year only like 20-25% of homes on the market here got purchased :-/

  4. I’m sorry for the stress that this is causing you, but you have had your first viewing. That is all out of the way and the feedback was good. Personally I am usually very closed mouthed with realtors and when doing mass viewings of rental properties (which I know is different) and looking to buy houses I will actually try to find things to pick on (sometimes helps with getting price down). I would say the fact that there was no bad feedback is awesome!
    Are there any local dog parks you might be able to drive the dogs to and let them run free in?
    Fingers crossed for you!!!

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