A Real Estate update

Thanks 100% to your urgings, I got brave today and emailed our realtor letting her know that I wasn’t happy. I was nice, but pretty firm. i said that after 23 days on the market I would have expected at least one person to look at the listing organically (i.e., not from my sister showing it to someone and talking about it) and scheduling a viewing. I said that I was interested in having professional photos done and lowering the price.

I am so happy to report that she was 100% on board with everything we wanted and is sending a photographer as soon as she can get her out here-either this weekend or Monday hopefully. We’re dropping the price the 5K I wanted-in fact I didn’t even say how much I wanted to drop it and she gave me the exact number that was in my head. So I feel like we’re now on the same wave length.

I consulted a friend of mine who is a local realtor and he said three weeks is usually when he reassesses a listing to see where we need to go and so my instincts were right on that now is the time to do something different.

Cross you fingers that this gets things moving!


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