My Baby’s Birthday

It’s tomorrow. In less than 12 hours it will be the moment of her birth. I’m having a lot of feels about it, though the fact that she was clingy and bit me five times while nursing today distracted me from my emotions a lot, which I should probably be grateful for. My nipples…. not so much.

Her smash cake is cooling on the counter just waiting for me to frost it. She is asleep in her bed, with no real idea of why tomorrow is important, why she is going to be treated like even more of a queen than usual. She already opened some presents from her great grandparents in Vermont, and she liked that part for sure. This weekend is going to be wild for her.

We’re having a party at our house on Saturday. (funny anecdote, when we put our house on the market Chief was so optimistic it would sell so quickly that we might have to move her party to a new location. Oh Chief.) I’m a little bit nervous because our heat index here is insane. it’s supposed to be much better on Sunday, but I mean, 90 degrees is the high and that’s still hot. There’s also a 40% chance of rain that morning. Our contingency is that we’ll move all of our furniture in the living and dining room downstairs and just cram into the house if we need to. That. Will. Suck. But we’ll make it work if we have to. We’re starting the party at 11:00 am and serving lunch, so hopefully if it does rain it’ll be gone by then and leave us enough time to set everything up.

I’m also a bit nervous because Chief’s parents are coming, and I think that’s enough said on that.


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