Quick Opinion

What does this look like to you? I’m not trying to avoid taking my kid to the doc if she needs it, but we’ll have to see an alternate physician because ours is being certified at her new clinic right now, so if this is nothing I don’t want to mess with it.

She had two spots yesterday, and has four today. She’s had her twelve month shots (about three weeks ago). She has no other signs or symptoms of illness. Someone mentioned HFM on fb but again, no other signs or symptoms and no rash anywhere else. We have had an issue with mosquitos in the house, so maybe it’s just baby mosquito bites?


10 thoughts on “Quick Opinion

  1. If it keeps spreading or if the blister gets larger/pops and gets crusty, it could be impetigo. It is hard to tell at this point.

  2. It think looks like a bug bite to me but I’m new to all this mommy business, too! I can say it doesn’t look like HFM since my son just got over that. It started with a high fever for a few days and he was MISERABLE and his spots were more like blisters and they spread quickly once they started. It was awful!
    Hoping it’s nothing and that she’s ok!

  3. If there aren’t any other symptoms and it isn’t spreading, assume it’s a bug bite or a scratch. It doesn’t look serious.

  4. Bug bites. Use hydrocortisone to keep itching and inflammation down so she doesn’t scratch and infect them. Bit late to get rash from the vaccines, that usually comes a week after the shots.

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