I found a new use for boob ice packs

They really are perfect for your knees:

That being said, someone tell me how much knee pain is normal when you start running. I’m doing c25k so it’s not like I’m running for even two minutes straight yet. I got fitted for proper shoes to correct my overpronating and I try to be very mindful of my gait. Is it possible I could need insoles on top of the corrective sneakers?

I’m not limping or anything, but sore.


12 thoughts on “I found a new use for boob ice packs

  1. I could be totally wrong, but it seems like you shouldn’t have knee pain when you’re only running for a few minutes. When I was running, I had zero knee pain–from the beginning to the end. I hope it’s short lived and you feel better!

  2. I feel like it prolly has a lot to do with your ligaments being forever changed from pregnancy and labor hormones as well as if you have weight to lose. I’m always way more achy if I have too many of the too much pounds. Ice and NSAIDs!

  3. If it’s really painful, I’d recommend talking to an ortho or PT about it. I also didn’t have a lot if knee pain when I was running, and I’m a big girl.

  4. I’d go get your gait examined at a fancy running store around. They’re super helpful and should be able to point you either to some better shoes. Or tell you that they’re not the problem. I don’t think you should be having this much pain, and I think it’s best to figure why. Rather than push through and do some major damage.

    • Ok, didn’t read clearly enough on your post, but I’d get having someone check you gait can help tell if you need insoles or a brace or something.

      • I did that and that’s when I got fitted for the shoes. i might go back and have them check me again to see if adding insoles in might help. The location of the pain still seems to indicate overpronation.

  5. Where is the knee pain, exactly?

    If you’re experiencing ligament pain, you may need to strengthen the support muscles around said ligament. My problem tends to be my IT band, which hurts on the side of the knee but the true diagnosis is in my glutes. (yes, I have had a trained professional tell me I have a lazy butt. HA!)

    You may try adding a little bit of strength training targeting your quads and glutes which could help stabilize your enter leg muscle system. Think squats and lunges. You’ll hate life for about a week, but it may help in the long run.

    • It’s sort of on the inside of my knee, like where my knees face each other-the side of the knee that points to the other knee on both sides is where it typically hurts. Does that make sense at all?

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