House Anxiety

Guys, I’m not set out for the real estate game.

Seriously. We’ve lowered our price again. It’s now been slashed $10K total. It’s now 10K below a similar house that sold two blocks away that was smaller than ours and not remodeled.

And yet we can’t get a buyer. We’ve had 6 showings in 70 days, plus one couple came to our open house a while back. We can’t get any real feedback. What we hear constantly is people like it but they just started looking or they decided our suburb was too far out. I didn’t expect it to happen overnight, but I really didn’t expect this either.

We had a couple with two young children just a bit older than Charlie come yesterday and they stayed for all of eight minutes. That’s got to be our shortest showing yet. Most of the last at least 10-15 minutes. The one last weekend lasted 20. So what gives? My agent believed we were priced fairly with the first price drop and that now it should be a bargain, but I’m already considering dropping it again.

And it wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t have a house I desperately want so much that for the last two nights I’ve had a hard time falling asleep thinking about how there is literally no other house on the market that is big enough and laid out right for our price range, and surely we’re going to lose this one if we can’t get an offer soon. I’m so desperate that I would probably accept a lowball offer from a real estate investor just to be done. I’ve even thought about contacting one but I don’t know how to go about it really.

I’ve tried so hard to convince Chief to let us put a contingent offer in on the dream house, but he wants to wait, and let’s be honest-a contingent offer is only good until another offer comes along and then they could drop us like a hot potato.

Selling our house feels much like infertility in one way-just one. When I was in the trenches I always thought, if I just knew it would happen eventually I could be content with that. That’s how I feel about the house too.

I guess my biggest fear is that eventually our house will sell and when it does dream house will be gone and we’ll have to settle. I have a baby and seven pets. I can’t stay in a hotel for a few weeks or even with family. I have to have somewhere to go.

So if you have good vibes, prayers, happy thoughts-anything to spare, please send them my way and hope for an offer soon.


15 thoughts on “House Anxiety

  1. We still haven’t gotten our house on the market yet, so you’re a step ahead of us. As for feedback, in all the houses we’ve seen, I think we were asked what we thought once. And we spend about 10 minutes in a house. There’s been a couple of houses I’ve seen one room and had to leave because Peyton wouldn’t stop touching things. The right buyer will come along, I hope they show up soon for you!

  2. Selling your home is such a stressful process, I really feel for you. Can you change your agent or get a second opinion on the right strategy? It doesn’t sound like they are giving you the best support. Sending best wishes you get a positive change in your luck.

    • We have a six month contract with our agent. I’ve talked with a friend who is an agent and he says I can probably get out of it if I want though technically she can go after me for what her commission would be if she wanted to. I honestly don’t know what else she could be doing. My friend gave me his opinion and it sounds like for our area she’s doing what normally works. My area is very difficult to sell unfortunately. Only 12% of the houses currently for sale in our town have an offer on them 😦

      • Aw that sucks, I’m sorry that your local housing market is not so great at the moment. I’m sure your house will sell, it just may take longer than you hope for. Keep the faith (although easier said than done, I do realise) I hope you can get the house you like so much x

  3. I’m so sorry this has been such an ordeal and that there’s not really a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you think it’s just the market? I know the market for selling is really rough in our neighborhood right now. There are two houses on our little block that have been listed for 3+ months now. Have you guys thought about taking it off the market and waiting a bit for the area to pick up? Is that even a possibility?

    • My mom suggested that but I’m afraid of having to start over on it, because what if the market just gets worse? Plus we’ve invested a lot of money into getting it ready to sell it so I feel like we just have to push forward and wait it out.

      • yeah, I was thinking about that as I was writing my comment. I know you guys have put SO MUCH effort into getting it ready to sell. It would really, really suck to have to start over again in a few months. I don’t blame you for feeling that way.

  4. Taking it off the market for a while and/or renting it out isn’t an option? You’re probably priced right, it’s just a matter of finding the right people. Will it be awful for you to stay where you are now?
    Can you share more about the dream house?

    • We have had a few people interested in renting but after realtor fees we have about 30K in cash coming out of it that we really need to be comfortable in the next home with the bigger mortgage. Taking it off the market isn’t NOT an option, but I just don’t really want to start over. We’ve put a lot of time and money into this effort and I guess I’m not willing to throw in the towel yet.

      It’s not awful for us to stay here. It’s just awful getting our hopes up. Dream house is about 2500 square feet to the 1900 sq feet we’re in now. it has a garage which we don’t have and it has THREE living areas, one with a vaulted ceiling and a wood burning fireplace which is where my grand piano (that currently lives at my dads house) would go. I think the reason it’s not selling is that it needs some TLC but without having an inspection in front of me it’s mostly cosmetic-ugly carpet in a few rooms and fresh paint. The other rooms have parquet floors which I love and would want to continue into the carpeted rooms, and we should have enough after selling this house to be able to afford to do that. Finally, it has room for a second child which this house really does not. And it’s in a better area with better schools and underground powerlines, and since I’ve lost power twice in the last ten days that is REALLY appealing to me.

  5. Sorry things are moving so slow for you guys. I don’t have any advice for you other than hang in there. As for the house that you want to buy, I will say this: B and I had thought we found the perfect house when we were trying to sell our condo a few years back. We were heartbroken when things fell through because we didn’t sell the condo in time. We ended up selling the condo and finding something else that was actually even better than the previous one. I know that many people in the IF world hate this saying, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. If you miss out on the house you have your heart set on right now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never find anything else that you will love or that will work for you. Don’t give up hope and try to hang in there!

  6. I would hold off on dropping the price again because it may look to people like there might be something wrong with the house that you keep dropping the price. It’s too bad you can’t rent. My house that I had before I met J is about 15 min. from a military base and we get renters through the military housing website and have had fantastic experiences with our renters both times.

    • Renting is not out of the realm of possibility, I just don’t want the stress. Like we would have to keep renters in it almost constantly to be able to pay our mortgage because we just don’t have that much disposable income, and that worries me.

      • I hear you! We don’t either. In case you decide to look into t. The website we used was The first renters stayed for 2 years and our current renters have been on over a year now and plan to be in for quite awhile from the way it sounded.

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