Update on Real Estate.

Chief has agreed to place a contingent offer on dream house as long as I go look at a few more that he wants to see. I’m down with that. God willing no one makes a competing offer without a contingency after ours is accepted (please accept!) and if they do basically I’ll beg my rich aunts to help me cover the mortgage on our current house until it sells. Luckily it’s not a big mortgage, but big enough to be a problem.

We also heard that the people who looked on Sunday loved the house but hated the backyard because my dogs have basically destroyed it, so my realtor is telling them to not let that deter them because we will either fix it ourselves or give them a credit off of the house to pay to have it done. Probably we won’t hear anything from them again, but now we know the backyard is probably turning people off so we’re going to address it ASAP, like this week.


13 thoughts on “Update on Real Estate.

    • We’re going to take down one of the metal buildings and stage that patio with some of my moms outdoor furniture, level out the part of the yard where Bonnie has dug holes and put down sod, and paint the other building and build new doors for it. Chief and my stepdad are taking Wednesday off next week to do most of it but chief is going to do as much as he can on his own this weekend.

      • If they’re smart, they’ll put in an offer and make you guys make a deal with them about the yard so they can do what they want with it rather than having you guys do the work and then being stuck with your choices! (Did that make sense? I’m kind of delirious today.)

      • That makes sense. That would be nice, but we’re not counting on it. We’re going to look at paint once the baby is up from her afternoon nap. I’m wondering if this is the thing that’s been keeping people from buying our house this whole time 😦

  1. Were these the people that were there for 8 minutes? At least you finally got some feedback!! Hopefully your realtor will talk some sense into them about the yard, and maybe after you fix some things you can send them pictures or something. Good luck!!

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