you guessed it…house stuff UPDATED

UPDATE: We heard from the folks who came to see the house today. They really loved the house and are still considering it. They have one concern. their son has down syndrome and they consider us to be close to the highway and apparently he has a habit of escaping from time to time (their realtor’s words-not mine. I sort of hate the word escape when we’re talking about kids) and they’re a bit nervous about it. I think in normal circumstances we’re not at all close to the highway-no one else has mentioned it, it’s streets away and takes me about ten minutes to walk to, but I can definitely understand how this is a different circumstance and worthy of concern. At any rate, they’re considering things and are supposed to let us know tomorrow.  Cue me not sleeping tonight!

Tomorrow we’re looking at 11 properties just to knock everything off of Chief’s list. He wanted to see 13 but there were two that I could tell by the listings were not an option to me- too small and too much work. Then when we’re done, if we haven’t found anything we want more, we’re putting an offer in on dream house. I’m really nervous that since we’re making a contingent offer they won’t take it, but the house has been on the market for over 400 days, so I’m hoping they will. I’m so anxious about it I could throw up. I check the listing every four hours or so to make sure they haven’t gotten an offer. I’ve already moved in in my head and remodeled the kitchen. Charlie’s room has tons of natural light and there’s going to be a lovely sitting area in front of the wood burning fireplace in the formal sitting room. Also, the master bedroom is finally big enough for us to have a king sized bed. HEAVEN.

In goodish news, we had a showing request today and the folks stayed for 45 minutes. It was odd. We stalk the house during showings because we want to know when we can get back in, so we drive the neighborhood and drive down a side street every 3-5 minutes. Today our showing was scheduled for 4:00. The realtor was there right at 4:00, and then a lady showed up at 4:10. Chief told me that he had seen the lady’s car drive by around 3:45 really slow like and look at the sign, so it’s weird that she was late when she was obviously in the neighborhood. Then around 4:30, a man showed up. They didn’t leave until right before 5:00. That is by far the longest showing we’ve had yet. I confess I was really hoping for an offer tonight, but hopefully my realtor will have some news tomorrow. We put up a sign listing off what we’re about to do in the backyard so that hopefully they wouldn’t be turned off by it like the other folks were and my realtor also called their realtor today to explain that whole situation.

I do feel like we’re in the right price point now that we’re getting 1-2 showing requests a week. It would be so wonderful to make an offer tomorrow on dream house and already have an offer on ours. The timing of that would be so lovely…


8 thoughts on “you guessed it…house stuff UPDATED

  1. Thanks for the update!! That’s a complicated situation. I hope things work out for you guys so that you can move on and stop stressing about this stuff!! Have fun on the house tours today!

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